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Boss Hog

I would like to pay my respects to the greatest NFL position coach of all-time, Joe Bugle. For 31 NFL seasons, Buges has been the mark that all other coaches should be measured by. Whether you are a hall of fame coach, or a rookie coach, you know you’ll be better with Buges on your staff.

Buges has been around so long that he coached Romeo Crennel at Western Kentucky 40 years ago! During this time, Buges roomed with a grad assistant by the name of Jerry Glanville in a one bed apartment! After a coin flip, Buges won the bed, forcing Glanville to the floor to sleep on newspapers! I’m laughing at the thought of Jerry sleeping on papers, and leaving Elvis tickets at the W. KTY ticket gate. Buges and Jerry lived off pizza and donuts during this time (who doesn’t) because they had no $$ and had a couple players who worked at the pizza and donut shop. Many nights Buges and Jerry would stay up late drawing up plays on one of the pizza boxes. Maybe 50 gut was a specialty pizza!

Did you know that Buges was the O-line coach for Bum Phillip’s Oilers in the late 70′s? No wonder Earl Campbell had those big holes to run thru! The Oilers defeated the Chargers in the 79 playoffs, a Chargers team who had an O-coordinator by the name of Joe Gibbs.

In 1981 Gibbs and Buges joined forces with the Skins. Soon after, The Hogs were born. Buges took guys that were old, undrafted, and undersized, and made them the meanest, baddest, mfer’s in the league.

When Gibbs came back, the only way it would have felt right was with Buges. We got Buges, and we should never let go. I was worried that Buges would ride off into the sunset with Joe, but we are lucky that he stuck around. Zorn is lucky that he has a guy like Buges to lean on. Buges coaches up the young guys, and stands behind the veterans. He is our rock.

So, for the man that was born 68 years ago in Pittsburgh, PA, lets knock this Steeler’s team in the mouth! Let’s make them bleed! Because I know if Joe could strap on the pads, someone would be bleeding.

Cheers and Hail

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Posted by fatpickle    Date: Thursday, October 30, 2008

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Top 10 Interview Meltdowns

I love a classic head coaches post game interview meltdown. Both Singletary and Zorn has some minor flare-ups this weekend, and it got me thinking. What is the greatest interview meltdown ever? Well first off, what constitutes a meltdown? Usually it takes a poor performance by the coaches team, a pissed off coach, a stupid question by a reporter, and a few F-bombs. So, I have compiled my top 10 meltdowns. This is a coaches only category, no athletes, Gm’s, or owners.

Warning - some of the links contain angry middle-aged men dropping f-bombs, it’s funny stuff but turn your speakers down if your at work!

#10 Kevin Borseth - He addressed the media after addressing the Michigan Women’s B-ball team. I was scared watching him in the interview, I can’t imagine how the girls felt.

#9 Bob Knight - He has given us so much material it’s impossible to pick just one. Here he is explaining his favorite word.

#8 Mike Gundy - His intentions start out good, trying to defend one of his players. Somewhere in the interview he turned into Gny. Sgt. Hartman.

#7 Dennis Green - Maybe it’s wrong, but every time I watch this I think of Gary Coleman getting angry.

#6 Tommy Lasorda - Another guy who can fill up an hour of your time on youtube. The word that got Crash Davis thrown out of the game in Bull Durham is very prevalent here.

#5 Earl Weaver - My favorite manager of all time. Whether this was scripted, a practical joke, or real, it’s funny. Alice Sweet where are you?

#4 John Chaney - This one features Chaney going into another coaches interview and threatens to kill him. We’re covering new ground here.

#3 Jim Mora - From the man that brought you “diddly poo”. One of the most imitated interviews “playoffs?”. Do you like random triangles on your shirts?

#2 Hal Mcrae - Once again we are breaking new ground here, drawing blood. Check out Hal in his long johns and the reporter walking out of the office with blood dripping from his cheek. “Now put that in your pipe and smoke it”.

#1 Lee Elia - The mother of all breakdowns. He doesn’t bitch about the media or the team, but the fans! Less than a month into the season he delivered this doozy. It was so good he was invited back to Chicago last year for a reunion. “85% of the world is working, the other 15% come out here”.

Cheers and Hail

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Posted by fatpickle    Date: Tuesday, October 28, 2008

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Fantasy Recap Week 8…Studs or Duds


Week 8 was a pretty good week in fantasy. My teams went 2-1, and I moved up in my rotisserie league. Let’s take a quick look to see who were Studs and who were Duds.

Brees - 329yds, 3TD STUD He got the 3 TD’s plus 300+ yds

Delhomme - 248yds, 2TD STUD Not 6 TD’s but it works

Mcnabb - 278yds, 1TD DUD Now I’m really pissed. I pick summers eve, then he lays an egg

O’Sullivan - DUD Wow, I was drinking the kool-aid on this guy, he’s not even a starter anymore

Gore - 159yds, STUD a TD would have been nice but he still had a solid day

Mcgahee - 57yds, 1TD DUD I don’t see him being a #1 or even #2 fantasy starter this year

T. Jones - 60yds, 1TD DUD Washington stole some carries and made the most of them

Tomlison - 170yds, 1TD STUD just as I predicted

Avery - 163yds, 1TD STUD If you did not take my advice to pick him up, he’s gone now

A. Johnson - 11rec, 143yds STUD this guy is racking up the catches and yards, he may set some records this year if he stays healthy

S. Smith - 117yds, 2TD STUD he made a lot of this happen on his own

R. White - 113yds, 2TD STUD he’s becoming an elite receiver

Studs for the week 8/12. YTD 26/36 72%
Cheers and Hail

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Posted by fatpickle    Date: Tuesday, October 28, 2008

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Judging Mike Singletary

I know it’s only one game, way too early to form an opinion of Mike Singletary’s head coaching abilities. Remember what all of us Redskin’s fans thought about Zorn after the Giants game? But, I saw a few things today that really soured me on Mike. I blogged just a few days ago about how I thought Singletary would make a great coach, and would light a fire under the 49er’s. After watching his antics today, I think he might be taking this “light a fire” stuff too far. Here are the things that I saw while watching the game today that bothered me.

Down 13-3 with :31 seconds left in the first half, the 49ers had the ball on the Seattle 29 yard line, facing a 4th and 4. The 49er’s called timeout. During this timeout the cameras focused on Singletary, his Offensive Coordinator Mike Martz, and his QB JT O’Sullivan. Singletary asked Martz, “what do you want to do?”. Martz said “go for it”. Without hesitation, Singletary went with Martz’s recommendation. Mind you, a FG brings you within a touchdown to start the third quarter. On the ensuing play, O’Sullivan threw an interception that was returned 75 yds for a TD. On the interception TD return, Vernon Davis almost tackled the defender after sprinting his ass off for 80 yards! Keep this in mind for part 2.

After a silly penalty in the 4th quarter by Davis, Singletary pulls him out of the game. OK, good move. Singletary then follows this up by escorting Davis to the bench and directs him to sit down like he is a 5 year old in time out. This was not enough however, as a few minutes later Singletary directed Davis to the locker room. This was still not enough. Singletary decided to call out his TE in the post game press conference. And for the record, I am no fan of Davis.

Look, I’m all for making your mark on the team. I’m all for dressing down a player (who probably is a distraction). I’m all for making an example of somebody. But do not do it in the media, or in front of 50,000 people in the stands, or on national TV.
Mike, your a hard ass, we know this. It’s why you were voted to the Pro Bowl 10 times. It’s what made you a Hall of Famer. But don’t make your mark this way. I’m pretty sure that the 10 years that you spent being a motivational speaker never involved a speech about degrading a man in public.

I hope Singletary turns around the 49er’s, and I hope he leaves his door open when his players want to speak to him.
Cheers and Hail

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Posted by fatpickle    Date: Sunday, October 26, 2008

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Picking On The NFL

Since I was a kid I have always been awesome at predicting the outcome of NFL games. Many an office pool I have won. I won office pools before I even worked! Keeping track of my picks for several years, I found that I was correct around 70% of the time. Now, if there is a spread, a bookie, and a bet involved, my success rate was not so hot. So, I gave up the gambling and I just stick to the straight up picks. Each Saturday I will post my NFL picks of the Week.

You are looking live at my Week 8 picks:
ATL @ PHI -7 1/2
PHI 24- ATL 17
Atlanta is a suprising 4-2 with 2 straight upsets. They play tough but won’t make it 3 straight.

KC @ NYJ -12 1/2
NYJ 27- KC 10
Kansas City is starting a 3rd string QB who shouldn’t be in the league, and they allow 200 yds rushing per game. How did they destroy the Broncos?

STL @ NE -7
NE 31- STL 16

St Louis has won 2 big games in a row after changing coaches. They will not make it 3 straight.

BUF @ MIA + 1 1/2
MIA 23- BUF 20

This is that trip up game that happens every week to good NFL teams. The superior team loses in Miami.

OAK @ BAL -7
BAL 20- OAK 10

I may be charitable giving the Raiders 10 points here. Russell + Raven’s D = bad news for Oak.

WAS @ DET +7

But I mean, come on.

ARI @ CAR -4
CAR 27- ARI 17

This Carolina team is good. I think they will contend all the way to the NFC championship.

SD @ NO +3
SD 31- NO 27

If the weather is good it will be a shootout. New Orleans playoff chances are up in the air.

TB @ DAL -2
DAL 17- TB 13

Brad Johnson finds a way to beat another team he used to play for.

CIN @ HOU -9 1/2
HOU 28- CIN 24

Cincy goes to 0-8, they may not win until the last week of the season vs KC.

CLE @ JAC - 7
JAC 21- CLE 13

Brady Quinn is the starting QB by the Denver game in 2 weeks.

NYG @ PIT - 2 1/2
PIT 23- NYG 16

Pittsburgh @ Washington next Sunday night!

SEA @ SF - 5
SF 27- SEA 14

What a way for Holmgren to go out.

IND @ TEN - 4
IND 20- TEN 17
Don’t write Indy off just yet, take the cap off the pen, but don’t write them off.

Enjoy the games.

Cheers and Hail

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Fantasy Thoughts For Week 8 (that don’t include Megan Fox)

Another family beat down is coming this week in The League. In the meantime here are my Fantasy Studs for week 8.

Studs (nice Rayhawk)


Brees - Now I know picking Brees is not exactly going out on a limb, but he did have a terrible game last week. This week he’s going against the last ranked pass D in the league, and his running game is in disarray. Anything less than 250yds and 3Td’s and I’ll call this a dud. (weather pending)

Delhomme - The Cardinals head to the east coast again, you can never forget the 6 Td’s Favre laid on them.

Mcnabb - It makes me throw up a little in my mouth to type this down.

O’Sullivan - His job is on the line and Martz loves him. Martz will find a way for him to have a solid game against a struggling Seattle team.


Gore - Coming off a horrible performance, he gets back to himself this week.

T. Jones - Going against a Chiefs run D that might be the worst I have seen in the last 10 years.

Mcgahee - He’s been getting stronger and better every week, now he’s got the right matchup to have the big day you’ve been waiting for.

Tomlison - Maybe the biggest disappointment in Fantasy Football this year. He was every one’s #1 or #2 pick. You finally get a big game from him this week.


Avery - This is my pick for a great #3 WR this week. 2 solid games in a row, he had a TD last week plus another long one called back. If he’s available in your league pick him up!

A. Johnson - The huge #’s continue this week.

S. Smith - See Delhomme above.

R. White - His last 4 games, 29rec 453yds 3tds. This is Ryan’s security blanket, cover yourself in him.

Enjoy the games!

Cheers and Hail

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