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Oct 1-2 Happy Bday Mark Rypien & Alvin Garrett

Happy birthday Mark Rypien. Mark played 8 seasons with the Redskins from 1986-1993. After sitting out the 86-87 seasons on the injured list, Mark finally got his chance to play in 88’ and played well…throwing 18 TD’s in 9 games (only 6 starts.) Mark had a Pro Bowl season in 89’ when he threw for 3,768 yards and 22 TD’s as well, but things really came together for Mark and the Redskins during the 91’ season. The 91’ Skins were one of the greatest teams in the history of the NFL and Mark was the MVP of the team. He passed for 28 TD’s and 3,564 yards on the way to his Super Bowl MVP performance. Mark’s 91’ stats would have been even more impressive had the Redskins not won 12 games by more than 13 points. Mark ranks among the top 5 all time in most of the Redskins passing records. Mark also had an impressive 45-27 record as a starter in DC.

Mark went thru something I could never imagine as a parent of a young child, he lost his son Andrew to cancer at the age of three. Since retiring from the NFL in 2001 (when Mark spent the season backing up Peyton Manning) Mark has devoted his life to the Rypien foundation. His foundation is devoted to help families who have children fighting cancer. I recall watching a game later in Mark’s career when he played for the Rams. He happened to be playing the Redskins that day, and he played the game with a shaved head…as a sign of support for his son Andrew. Mark played well, throwing for 347 yards in a losing cause. I remember feeling inspired by him that day…even more so than that wonderful 91’ season.

My 4-year-old son was sick with a flu like virus last week and it broke my heart as he vomited and felt terrible for 48 hours. He’d ask if the ginger ale would make his tummy all better…like immediately better, and I felt helpless to try and help him. He’s all better now, but many children are not. My son has a little friend in his class named Stevie who has attended pre-school with my son for the past 2 years. Stevie went to the hospital a couple weeks ago with pain in his shoulder. The doctors originally thought he had an infection, but the test came back that Stevie has cancer. Stevie is now in the hospital receiving chemo and fighting this horrible disease. We need to find a cure for this disease, please donate your time or hard earned money to get us closer.

As a fan of the Redskins, Mark will always have a place in my heart. I appreciate his effort on the field and will never forget playing catch with him one beautiful day long ago at old Redskin’s Park. Happy 47th Mr. Rypien.

Happy birthday Alvin Garrett. Alvin played 4 season from 1981-84’. Alvin’s stats from that time are not too impressive; he only caught 27 balls for 343 yards and 1 TD in 31 games. But, Alvin had an amazing run in the 82’ playoffs filling in for an injured Art Monk. In 4 playoff games that year Alvin had 15 catches for 242 yards and 5 TD’s plus 3 carries for another 46 yards. Alvin was also well known for Howard Cosell’s famous call on Monday night football. Happy 53rd Mr. Garrett.

Cheers and Hail

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Happy Birthday Fatpickled

One year ago today I sat down and started a little project…I had no idea what I was getting into! A Redskin’s win over Dallas inspired me to sit down and create a blog. Despite the fact that I’m not the most computer savvy guy in the world, I somehow navigated my way to blogger where budlightthoughts.blogspot was born. A week or so later I changed the name of the site to Fatpickled, a play on a username that I’ve used for many years. My first header is pictured above, it was kinda cool…it changed to my current header shortly before was launched in January.

It’s gone a lot further than I could have ever imagined, to date I’ve had nearly 200K hits for the year (minus my 100k, that’s still a solid #.) In the next few days I plan on posting a Top Ten collection of my favorite and most visited posts, but today I’d like to thank a few people that have helped support the site in the past year.

I’ve been very fortunate to have some VIP’s in the sports and blogging world help me along the way:

Tanner and Chris Cooley have been so awesome and instrumental to this site. I’m convinced the site wouldn’t exist without The Cooley Zone. When my comments on their site started turning into blog posts I knew it was time to start my own. My site wouldn’t be called Fatpickled either…had certain Cooley family members not thought my comments and handle were funny. Tanner has been a huge supporter since day 1 and I consider him a friend. Chris has granted me interviews, posted comments and worn a Fatpickled tee shirt to show his support. Additionally I’m also honored they allow me to be a contributor to the Cooley Zone, thanks for everything Cooley bros!

I respect Matt Terl as much as any blogger in the business…he also happens to have the coolest job as the official blogger of the Redskins. Matt linked Fatpickled to the Redskins site early on and has supported the site with links and tweets ever since. He works extremely hard and produces awesome inside info on the Redskins several times a day. If you don’t have his site under your favorites and don’t check it on a daily basis, well…your cheating yourself. Thanks Matt for your support, keep up the great work.

Hot Clicks is the Holy Grail for sports bloggers…it’s located in the Extra Mustard section of SI’s website and is run by Jimmy Traina. There is no better feeling as a blogger than to click on Hot Clicks around 11am (approx time it’s updated M-F) and see your site linked to it, because you know your going to get major traffic that day. In fact, this site probably had closer to 250K hits in the past year, but Jimmy’s loyal Yankee followers crashed my site for 8 days…and I’m ok with that. Hot Clicks is an awesome blend of sports and pop culture and is a must read on a daily basis. Thank you Jimmy for including Fatpickled…it’s your world, I’m just passing thru it.

I’d also like to thank the Fat White Guy; we are partners in crime who tag team posts from time to time. He’s a gifted writer who covers sports and pop culture at his site. Thanks Rob, I look forward to working with you moving forward.

I have some awesome writers who contribute to this blog, although none of them will be accused of working too much, haha. Porkboy, Lazy JC, E4three and RevJT…thanks for your humor and talent.

I need to thank Oliver Morris, who is responsible for setting up my site, my header, photo shopping and t-shirt designs…thanks Ollie.

Thanks to all the current and former athletes who granted me interviews. I know you didn’t have to grant an interview to a small blog run by a guy named Fatpickle…I thank you for doing so.

Most importantly, I have to thank Mrs. Pickle. I’m blessed to have a super hot and cool wife. I work long hours in my real job, then come home with an idea that I must blog about. She puts up with my hobby and supports me…even if she doesn’t read my blog. Thanks for being the most awesome wife and mommy, you are the MVP of my life.

Finally, thanks to all of you reading this right now. I hope you have found some entertainment and humor here in the past year. I appreciate your comments and tell your friends to visit…year 2 is going to be so much better.

Cheers and Hail

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Posted by fatpickle    Date: Tuesday, September 29, 2009

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Happy Bday Charley Taylor And Terry Orr

Happy birthday Charley Taylor. Charley played 13 seasons for the Redskins from 1964-77 and is one of the greatest Redskins to ever wear the uniform. At the time he ended his hall of fame career, he was the NFL’s all time leading receiver. He was an 8 time pro bowler who scored 90 career TD’s, which still ranks 28th all time. He is a member of the Redskins Ring of Honor, the 70 Greatest Redskins roster and the NFL 1960’s All Decade Team. He coached the WR’s for the Redskins from 1981-94’, when Norv Turner let him go. I met Charley several times and my dad sold him a truck, but this is the best Charley story I have. My cousin was at the Reno (a bar on the water where you can play Keno and off track betting) in Colonial Beach, VA. Charley pulled up on his boat and came to the bar to drink; he was wearing a Redskins hat. My cousin talked with some and mentioned to Charley how he wished he was still coaching and was angry Norv let him go. To this Charley responded…I wear this hat for me, not for those assholes. He then got one for the road…I heart Charley Taylor. Charley lives in Reston with his wife of 44 years. Happy 68th Mr. Taylor.

Happy birthday Terry Orr. Terry played the HB/TE role for 7 seasons for the Redskins from 1986-1993. He always seemed to come up with a big TD in those old NFC East battles. In fact 10 of his 52 career receptions went for touchdowns. Terry appeared in 105 games and won 2 Super Bowl titles during his tenure. Unfortunately in retirement Terry ran into trouble with the law and did some time in jail a few years back. He was convicted of defrauding a group of investors out of $200,000. The group of investors included 3 former teammates…Art Monk was one of them. So I also have an awesome Terry Orr story. I’m at a bar watching the 99 Redskins/Bucs playoff game when Terry Orr arrives with 3 other large black men. Terry sat at a booth and I immediately recognized him, so after a few beers I sauntered over. The conversation went like this. (Obviously, it’s been 10 years, so the quotes are not word for word nut close)

Fatpickle “hey Terry, how you been.”

Terry “good, thanks.”

Fatpickle “I was a big fan, you made some big plays, didn’t you go to Texas A&M”

At this point one of the other guys at the table decides to give me a little shit, see Terry went to Texas.

Random 3rd guy “Texas A&M, shoot you don’t know about my boy, he went to Texas, you don’t know my boy, like I do.”

Fatpickle “I know quite a bit, I was close with the Texas A&M.”

Random 3rd guy “you don’t know my boy, you don’t know where he lives or how many kids he has.”

At this point I say something that could turn this thing from friendly banter to a table of 4 large angry black men getting ready to inflict pain on the little 25 yr old white kid. But, I had a few beers in me…so I let the following rip.

Fatpickle “I bet Terry doesn’t know how many kids he has.”

An awkward second or two of silence (spent by me plotting my exit strategy) turned into raucous laughter and the random 3rd guy telling me that I got him there. We laughed a little more and enjoyed a little further banter until the game ended on the bad snap FG attempt to end the game. Good times. Happy 48th Mr. Orr.

Cheers and Hail

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Coping With A Redskins Loss

This post originaly appeared at The Cooley Zone

Yeah, yeah, yeah, the Redskins lost to the Giants…I know it sucks, I feel your pain. But, it was the 1st game of the season, it was the Giants and it was in New York. Sure it would be nice to get a win there, but 1 game does not make a season. As a fan that can remember games back to the 81’ season, I’ve suffered thru 213 losses…that’s a lifetime of heartbreak. However, the key is learning how to deal with the loss and recognizing certain symptoms that come from the losing. You may be suffering from some of the conditions that I’m going to discuss in this post…the first step is admitting you have the problem. Ladies and gentleman, the stages of a Redskin’s loss.

DAY 1 (Game day)

Disbelief – During this stage you take a few moments to review your thoughts. You say things like “we didn’t just lose, did we?” “WTF happened on that WR option play with Randle El?” “Are we really the only team in the division without a win?”

Anger – Oh yeah, your pissed now. You text, email or call everyone in your cell phone that will listen to you, even the ones who won’t listen to you! You say things you really don’t mean, things like “Portis is over the hill, put in Mason” or “F Campbell, sign Garcia or Jeff George” and “We’ll never win under Zorn, I want Shanahan.”
Your wife/girlfriend asks you “what do you care it’s only a football game” you reply something really stupid like “I’ve loved them longer than I’ve loved you.” This will haunt you a lot longer than the loss to the Giants!

Numbness – After you’ve gone thru your Rolodex and contacted everyone you can, you sit in your Lazy-boy and drink and eat everything in the house. You barely speak, in fact you’re only forms of communications at this point are mumbling and grunting (maybe an occasional fart, your wife/girlfriend is really happy with you at this point.) The day ends with you passing out in your lucky jersey (which is no longer lucky) and your wife’s diary looks like this.

Day 2 (The day after)

Game Hangover – You wake up, groggy and trying to collect your bearings…and hoping the day before never happened. You get on the Internet and confirm that yes, the Skins lost! At this point it’s time to take your thoughts to the mainstream media, I mean all your friends have already heard your BS…let’s post it on the internet message boards and call sports talk radio shows! At the Cooley Zone you say something like “Chris, here’s my email address, tell Zorn to call me…his play calling sucks!” or you call Lavar and Dukes to say “the Skins will go 6-10, it’s time to start planning for 2010.”

Day 3

Rest – On day 3, you rest. You re-watch the game…but you’re not angry. You cuddle with your wife, you watch some Housewives show on A&E.

Day 4

Coming out of the fog - The Dallas fan at work greets you in the morning with a jab about the Skins, without thinking you tell him to go F himself. You start rambling on about how we were a couple plays away from beating the Giants in New York and how we’re gonna sweep the Cowgirls. You sit at your desk and you feel…peace.

Drinking the Kool-Aid – You look at the remaining schedule and all of the sudden…the Skins are going to go 15-1. You start texting, calling and emailing your friends and say things like “I think Portis is going to to rush for 150 this week” and “JC’s going to have a Pro Bowl year, just wait and see!” It’s time to go mainstream again so you head back to the Cooley’s message board “Zorn’s going to be the Coach of the Year” you call L&D “the Skins will win the Super Bowl this year with a last second option pass…Randle El to Cooley.”

Day 5

On day 5 you go back to your normal self, and I guess what I’m trying to say to everyone is…just pretend like it’s day 5. Don’t get too high when we rip off 4-5 wins in a row and don’t bash the team after this loss. The Skins played hard and it was a tough situation that they went into. I’m a diehard and I’m sure you are too, let’s support the team and move forward. I mean…I looked at the schedule, I don’t think we’re going to have to deal with another loss this season.

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9/25-26 Happy Bday Kelvin Bryant

Happy birthday Brad Bergesen. Brad was in the middle of a solid rookie season when a line drive off his leg ended it prematurely. Before the injury, Brad was 7-5 with a 3.43 ERA and had some ROY buzz around him. 9 out of his last 10 games were quality starts and he boasted a 2.47 ERA during that time. Brad was a 4th round pick out of high school in 2005, and has excelled at every level in the minors. I look forward to a healthy Brad leading the Orioles towards another “why not” season in 2010. Happy 24th Mr. Bergesen.


Happy birthday Mike Bragg. Mike played 12 seasons for the Redskins from 1968-79’. Mike was a local kid who grew up in Falls Church and attended Richmond University. If not for the Redskins having Sammy Baugh back in the day, Mike would be considered the greatest Redskins punter of all time. He holds many club records including most punts in a season and career as well as post punts downed inside the opponents 10 yards line. Mike was the master of the “coffin corner” kick, a term that you never here anymore in today’s game. Mike’s stellar career earned him a spot on the 70 Greatest Redskins team. Happy 63rd Mr. Bragg.


Happy birthday Kelvin Bryant. Kelvin played 5 seasons for the Redskins from 1986-1990. He was a great 3rd down and receiving back for most of his career with the Redskins. He also got the chance to be the feature guy in 88’ and performed well in the role till a neck injury cut his season and ultimately his career short. Kelvin averaged over 40 catches and nearly 850 yards from scrimmage from 86-88, despite injuries and strikes limiting him to just 10 games per year. Kelvin has an amazing career at UNC, where he had 3 consecutive seasons of 1,000+ yards rushing and was named one of the ACC’s Top 50 players of all-time. Kelvin is also on the USFL’s all-time team. Kelvin averaged 1,350 yards rushing and 14 TD’s during his 3 years in the USFL and was named the league’s MVP in 83’.Kelvin was one of my favorites. Happy 49th Mr. Bryant.

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Week 3: Pickin On The NFL

I’m not going to tell everyone out there reading this to call your bookie up and use my picks…but I will tell you that I am hot! Last week I was 11-5 straight up (ok) but an amazing 10-6 ATS (cha-ching.) Here are may overall stats thru week2.

Straight Up 24-8 75%
ATS 18-13-1 56%
Survivor lock of the week 2-0 (BAL, MIN)
Underdog of the week 2-0

Here are my week 3 picks:

CLE @ BAL-13 Ravens (really good) + Cleveland (sucks) = BAL 27 CLE 10

NYG-6.5 @ TB Bet against the Bucs until further notice. NYG 28 TB 17

KC @ PHI –8.5 The Eagles win, the wild card is who is the QB…for either team? PHI 23 KC 13

SF @ MIN –6.5 I could almost pick the 49er’s for an outright upset here…but I’m not. Min 17 SF 16

WAS-6 @ DET Since my prediction failed last week, I’ll use it again this week, the Skins finally win a game by double digits. WAS 24 DET 13

CHI-1.5 @ SEA So why is everyone picking up Johnny Knoxville in fantasy this week? Jackasses. CHI 21 SEA 17

DEN-1.5 @ OAK Russell has a 120.3 QB rating against the Broncos in 3 career games…I don’t care. DEN 19 OAK 16

TEN @ NYJ-2.5 I can’t see the Titans losing 3 in a row, can’t see a rookie QB winning 3 in a row. TEN 24 NYJ 20

GB-6.5 @ STL The Pack gets back on track here, your survivor lock of the week. GB 28 STL 13

ATL @ NE-4 Toughest game on the board, I’ll take NE but I can see them getting upset. NE 24 ATL 21

JAC @ HOU-3.5 The Jags have been horrible against the pass, look for Johnson and Schaub to go off. HOU 30 JAC 17

NO-6 @ BUF Forecast calls for rain and the Saints running game will suffer with Bell out. BUF 28 NO 24

PIT-4 @ CIN Last minute TD by Big Ben upends the Bungles again. PIT 23 CIN 17

MIA @ SD-6 The 4th down play call by Norv last week is all you need to know. MIA 21 SD 20

IND @ ARI-2.5 The last of my 3 upsets, I’ll call this one the upset of the week. IND 31 ARI 20

CAR @ DAL-8.5 This week’s episode of Jerry Jone’s crib is brought to you by ESPN. DAL 26 CAR 20

Cheers and Hail

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