Happy Bday Charley Taylor And Terry Orr

Happy birthday Charley Taylor. Charley played 13 seasons for the Redskins from 1964-77 and is one of the greatest Redskins to ever wear the uniform. At the time he ended his hall of fame career, he was the NFL’s all time leading receiver. He was an 8 time pro bowler who scored 90 career TD’s, which still ranks 28th all time. He is a member of the Redskins Ring of Honor, the 70 Greatest Redskins roster and the NFL 1960’s All Decade Team. He coached the WR’s for the Redskins from 1981-94’, when Norv Turner let him go. I met Charley several times and my dad sold him a truck, but this is the best Charley story I have. My cousin was at the Reno (a bar on the water where you can play Keno and off track betting) in Colonial Beach, VA. Charley pulled up on his boat and came to the bar to drink; he was wearing a Redskins hat. My cousin talked with some and mentioned to Charley how he wished he was still coaching and was angry Norv let him go. To this Charley responded…I wear this hat for me, not for those assholes. He then got one for the road…I heart Charley Taylor. Charley lives in Reston with his wife of 44 years. Happy 68th Mr. Taylor.

Happy birthday Terry Orr. Terry played the HB/TE role for 7 seasons for the Redskins from 1986-1993. He always seemed to come up with a big TD in those old NFC East battles. In fact 10 of his 52 career receptions went for touchdowns. Terry appeared in 105 games and won 2 Super Bowl titles during his tenure. Unfortunately in retirement Terry ran into trouble with the law and did some time in jail a few years back. He was convicted of defrauding a group of investors out of $200,000. The group of investors included 3 former teammates…Art Monk was one of them. So I also have an awesome Terry Orr story. I’m at a bar watching the 99 Redskins/Bucs playoff game when Terry Orr arrives with 3 other large black men. Terry sat at a booth and I immediately recognized him, so after a few beers I sauntered over. The conversation went like this. (Obviously, it’s been 10 years, so the quotes are not word for word nut close)

Fatpickle “hey Terry, how you been.”

Terry “good, thanks.”

Fatpickle “I was a big fan, you made some big plays, didn’t you go to Texas A&M”

At this point one of the other guys at the table decides to give me a little shit, see Terry went to Texas.

Random 3rd guy “Texas A&M, shoot you don’t know about my boy, he went to Texas, you don’t know my boy, like I do.”

Fatpickle “I know quite a bit, I was close with the Texas A&M.”

Random 3rd guy “you don’t know my boy, you don’t know where he lives or how many kids he has.”

At this point I say something that could turn this thing from friendly banter to a table of 4 large angry black men getting ready to inflict pain on the little 25 yr old white kid. But, I had a few beers in me…so I let the following rip.

Fatpickle “I bet Terry doesn’t know how many kids he has.”

An awkward second or two of silence (spent by me plotting my exit strategy) turned into raucous laughter and the random 3rd guy telling me that I got him there. We laughed a little more and enjoyed a little further banter until the game ended on the bad snap FG attempt to end the game. Good times. Happy 48th Mr. Orr.

Cheers and Hail

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