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RJ: Training Camp Day 35

Reggie Jones is posting his training camp journal on this site, please check back often to follow Reggie on his journey.

Woke up this morning to my son digging his little fingers in my face. lol. I Rolled away from him, next thing I know he’s digging his nails in my back. (HatiN on daddy’s sleep time) lol.

I left the house for meetings and walk-thrus. It’s the last walk-thru of the pre season. After walk-thrus I drove to the house to grab my headphones, then came back to the facility to hop in the ice tub. While in the ice tub I took some time to write my little sister a letter. She’s goiN through a change for the better. So I want to make sure I encourage her. I’ll send it out Friday morning.

After I rejuvenated my body I went back home to pack up to leave for the hotel. Under clothes, some lounge clothes for meetings, a fresh outfit for gameday, and of course a Seattle fitted to match. (Squeezed in a couple games of Madden before I left too) lol

Wifey dropped me off at the facility so I could ride the team bus to the hotel, THIS TRAFFIC IS CRAZY! We had to get off the freeway to take a bunch of back roads cuz we were standstill on the freeway. At one point I seriously thought we were gonna be late.

I’ve been bumpiN that “Lil Wayne ft. Bruno Mars- Mirror” That’s my cut right now. Also that “Drake- Headlines”… The 1st verse of that song gets me goiN. I feel like he wrote it just to inspire me. I appreciate that drizzy.. Good lookiN out.. lol

Meetings went well. Coach gave the traditional last pre season game speech. LettiN people know you’re not just performing for the Redskins, but for the entire league. Because after the game every team cuts down from 80 players to 53. Then its a mad scramble for teams lookiN for players from other teams to mix and match their 53 man roster to their liking. So tomorrow is a a big day, Glad it’s a home game. (Wifey and Dash in the stands to watch me ball).
Came back to the room and turned on that “Lil Wayne ft. Bruno Mars- Mirror” on repeat.. Had a couple bites of vanilla ice cream w/ a cherry on top and zoned out.


Tomorrow truly is $howtime!!

Goodnight… #DREAMINabout: “#ODDS” To me it’s nothiN more than numbers that can’t b divided by 2. I’ve been defying them my entire life ~$HOWTIME

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Malcolm Kelly’s Career Highlights

Malcolm Kelly’s potential is on full display in the above video, his 6’4”220lb frame rambling 84 yards down the field on a little go route. Of course he doesn’t score and he nearly fumbles at the end of the play. Fact is that 6’4” frame never caught a TD pass in a Redskins uniform…despite being targeted many times on fade patterns and jump balls in the red zone. The sad truth is the video above is the entire highlight reel of Kelly’s Redskins career. 6 seconds of excitement to go along with 3 years of frustration.

Besides the 84 yarder against the Chargers, Kelly would catch just 27 more receptions for 281 yards and zero touchdowns….barely 10 yards per reception. Injuries kept him off the field for the greater part of his 3 years in DC. Yet, that potential is still there and the Redskins and their fans are still wondering if that potential will ever translate into greatness on the field.

Kelly will go down as a bust for the Redskins but it remains to be seen if he’ll be able to put it all together and remain healthy for an entire season. The only questions now is will he be able to do it and what uniform will he be wearing when he does?

Cheers and Hail

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Throwback Tuesday: This Is Kind Of Cooley

Every Tuesday Fatpickled will stroll down memory lane and re-post a blog from the past. This post originally debuted Nov 16, 2008.

The Chris Cooley Interview

During the Redskins bye week I flew up to my old stomping grounds in Northern VA. Over a couple of beers at the Ashburn Pub, I interviewed Chris Cooley. OK… the interview didn’t exactly go down that way, Chris answered my questions thru a series of emails. The beer will come at a later date when I show Chris and Tanner who the real king of bar Olympics is. Here is my exclusive with CC.

FP: They’re filming a major motion picture “The Chris Cooley Story”, which actors play these roles?
CC: Chris- I was Ogre from Revenge of the Nerds for Halloween, so probably that guy.
Tanner- Probably have to say….Omar Epps
Christy- We would make Jessica Alba dye her hair and she could play Christy
Zorn- Steve Largent
Dan Snyder- Tom Cruise

FP: Who would you say that you are more like, Harry or Lloyd? Why?
CC: Obviously I am more like Harry, just look at us.

FP: Have you or a teammate ever been laid on the 50 yd line @ FedEx field?
CC: I can’t speak for anyone else on the team, but I have never done such a thing at FedEx.

FP: Do you have any superstitions that you do on game days?
CC: I don’t really have any superstitions but I still get stupid pre-game jitters. This is like the 15th game this year of being nervous. It’s probably awesome for my health.

FP: Ben Roethlisburger is upset that Redskin’s cheerleaders stretch in front of the visiting teams locker room. What kind of stuff do other teams pull when you are at their stadium?
CC: In Dallas they turn off the AC in our locker room so its always about 90 degrees in there when we’re getting ready.

FP: Are you any good @ bar Olympics? (foosball, darts, pool etc?)
CC: I am amazing at bar Olympics. I have a dart board, pool table, air hockey, and ping pong in my basement. Unstoppable.

FP: I want to wear a cup when I’m playing wiffleball with my 3 year old, why don’t NFL players wear cups? You got helmets, elbows and knees flying around your junk.
CC: Its just not comfortable to run in a cup. I have never taken a big shot down there in all of high school, college, or the NFL. So why start now?

FP: What is your biggest fear?
CC: I’m not really afraid of anything. I don’t like super natural things.

FP: When you and Tanner came up with the idea for the blog, did you imagine that it would be this popular? (1.7 million hits in 8 months).
CC: When we started this we didn’t have any goals or expectations. We just did it to have fun and that’s what we’ve been doing ever since.

FP: My blog is getting 20-30 hits per day, compared to your 20,000 per, would you consider posting a picture of your right nut on my blog for a couple hours?
CC: Take a picture of your own nut and see the boost it gets. If your still at 20-30 after that….

FP: You are in a Fantasy Football League with other Skins players who don’t know a damn thing about Fantasy Football. Are you playing in any other leagues that are more competitive?
CC: I’m too busy to keep up on more than one league right now. I wish I had time cause I love fantasy sports but I just don’t.

FP: This is a long standing debate in our household, Aerosmith or Van Halen?
CC: Both awesome…Van Halen (yeah!)

FP: You’re an avid collector of sports cards, what is the one card in your collection that you could never part with?
CC: I have a John Elway rookie that I’ve had since I was ten. Its still in the screw down case that I got the day I bought the card for 4 dollars. That’s one you won’t see on Ebay.

FP: What does it say on your tombstone?
CC: Nothing special man. What ever my kids want to throw on there will probably be cool.

FP: Describe what the Dallas/Redskins rivalry means to you. Did Gibbs and Buges do a great job of instilling the history of this rivalry into the players?
CC: All of the NFC East opponents are tough. But for some reason I hate Dallas more than any other team in the NFL. Gibbs and Bugle are great coaches but they didn’t have to do any work making this more of a rivalry. It is just one of those natural things.

I want to thank Chris for taking the time to answer a bunch of stupid questions from a random fan who follows his blog (nice way of saying “borderline stalker”). I also want to thank Tanner Cooley, whom I’ve never met, yet always goes above and beyond for me. Thank you both, you guys are “BADASS”.

Cheers and Hail

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Posted by fatpickle    Date: Tuesday, August 30, 2011

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RJ: Training Camp Day 34

Reggie Jones is posting his training camp journal on this site, please check back often to follow Reggie on his journey.


Woke up this morning feeling good.. Went to meetings and practice in a good mood for some reason.. (= I had a good practice..

Once practice was over we went back to the locker room to shower up and I realized the grim reaper was in the locker room on the prowl.(that’s the guy who comes around and says “can you hand me your playbook”, which means you’re done)
It was sad to see a few of the people I was kew with get let go. I wish them the best of luck with life. (This game can be brutal) Gotta remain confident through it all though.

After I showered up, I drove straight to GameStop and bought the new Madden 2012. Im on the game this year which is pretty cool. As a kid growing up you always dream about being on the game, not having to create yourself. Some people act like its not a big deal to them, but the “simple things” are a big deal TO ME and I enjoy them all.

My boys have been hittiN me up all day sayiN they’ve been using me on the game.. (=

Once I got home I played Madden in the man cave the rest of the night.. (I really like playing video games. Im kind of a nerd when it comes to video games) lol

Oh yeah, lately I’ve been realizing who in my life is true and who aren’t. Sometimes it’s good to step back and re access those around you to make sure EVERYONE around you is really about you. (=

Excited for the game this week.. I really enjoy Fed Ex Field.. That place is gonna be rockiN once the regular season starts. Im proud to be a Redskin.

Goodnight… #DREAMINabout: “#TEETH” If its “to tough” i keep chewiN/grindiN til it becomes as easy as everything else. ~$HOWTIME

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RJ: Training Camp Day 33

Reggie Jones is posting his training camp journal on this site, please check back often to follow Reggie on his journey.

Woke up this morning feeliN good.. As I was headed out the room door I noticed Dash sitting up in the bed lookiN dead in my eyes.. lol so I went and gave him a zillion kisses.

On the way to the facility I was bumpiN that Carter 4 album. It’s good. The Carter Albums are always hot! My favorite song on the album so far is “So Special” ft. John Legend

We had a padded practice today. I had a good practice. Once again I’m excited for this weeks game. I’m excited every week, because I love playiN this game.

After practice, I hit the weights, then headed up to meetings. After meetings I got a little extra film in, gotta find the routes I’m GONNA jump no matter what. (Learned that from Darren Sharper in New Orleans)

When I came home and walked through the door Dash’s face lit up. He started smiling and jumping up and down. Highlight of my day.. I love coming home to a HAPPY home.. (=

Tomorrows gonna be a bitter sweet day.. we cut the roster from 90 to 75 or 80. Sad seeiN people go. Many don’t realize, these are peoples jobs, and gettiN let go hurts us just as bad as it would if it were to happen to anybody else in the world. At the end of the day it’s still losing a job, and leaves people heart broken and in a desperate panic to find new employment to provide for themselves and often times their families.

On a lighter note, I was out of milk for my cereal, so I went to the store to grab some. If you’re out shoppiN during the season you may see me riding around in the motor carts. “I don’t wanna waste my leg energy”(That’s my excuse) lol

I told Wifey if she wanted to continue to have a free pass in the Man Cave, she had to watch a scary movie with me..
So I got her to watch #Insidious with me.. SHE WAS SO FREAKED OUT!! LOL .. she’s such a scaredy cat.. lol I love her though.. Now she won’t walk anywhere in the house without me.. lol
{THEME MUSIC PLEASE} “Du Du Du Nuh” SUPER HUSBAND TO THE RESCUE.. lol.. She made us go upstairs and watch Spongebob Square Pants to take her mind off of it.. lol

O yeah, Madden comes out tomorrow.. THE MADDEN 2012 CHAMP IS HERE!! Excited to start up another online dynasty on Xbox. D.Hall and Barnes tried to convince me Ps3 is better. (NO WAY!!) I guess they do a dynasty on ps3 every year too. IM A XBOX GUY, but I’m debating gettiN a ps3 just to dominate their little league.. lol

I’m glad people enjoy reading my journals. I’ve been getting alot of messages and text sayiN they like it. Also there’s been ALOT of traffic to the site from people viewing it. Glad I can provide POSITIVE entertainment through my stories. (=

Goodnight. #DREAMINabout: “#DREAMS” A dream is just a dream til u decide to wake up and live it” ~$HOWTIME

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RJ: Training Camp Day 32

Reggie Jones is posting his training camp journal on this site, please check back often to follow Reggie on his journey.

Woke up this morning to an email saying I purchased 1600 Microsoft points on Xbox live.. (UMM THAT WASN’T ME)lol I put two and two together and realized my son was playing with my controller and bought those points… (Time to get him his own Xbox already??) lol I’m Tryna figure out what he was gonna do with those points at 8 months old.. lol

Had chicken wings for breakfast.. (=

Today is my day off so I’m chilliN, gettiN my body back..

Watched man v food nation for a little bit on Dvr.. I.wanna do that show one time. Also watched Fighting Temptations on Bet. That movie is so funny to me.. lol

Went to the facility to watch a little film, then hopped in the ice tub. Noticed the invite for our team party in my locker. I heard those are always fun.

Oh yeah the hurricane didn’t affect us to much. Just some strong winds and rains. (THANKFUL)

Got a massage, then watched some of the VMA awards before goiN to bed.

Goodnight.. #DREAMINabout: “#HOUSES” Im built from the ground up!

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