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NFL 2008 Recap

Fatpickle’s 2008 NFL Awards

Coach of the year - Mike Smith - Atlanta Falcons
He gets the nod over another rookie head coach, Tony Sparano. Smith did it with a rookie starting at QB and a team that was still reeling from the Michael Vick fiasco.

Honorable Mention - Sparano, Jeff Fisher
MVP - Chad Pennington - Miami Dolphins
He led his team to the biggest turnaround in the history of the NFL, and he wasn’t with them till the beginning of training camp. More on Pennington later.

Honorable Mention - Peyton Manning, Adrian Peterson,

Rookie of the Year - Matt Ryan - Atlanta Falcons
A starter from day 1 he led his team to 11 wins and a playoff victory. Chris Johnson was a difference maker, but Ryan was a leader.
Honorable Mention - Johnson, Slaton


Pennington - He truly was standing on top of the world Sunday night. He beats the team who cut him after playing his heart out for them for 8 seasons. He beats the man whom they casted him aside for. He beats them in NY. And he did it with class.
Rookie QB’s -Ryan and Flacco played admirably and have their teams in the playoffs.
Rookie Head Coaches - Smith, Ryan, and Harbaugh led their teams to the playoffs. Zorn was 8-8.
Matt Cassel - After 7 seasons of zero playing time (college and pros) he steps right into Brady’s shoes and wears them well. A huge payday awaits.
Antonio Bryant - Off the scrap heap he delivers a career season, a huge payday awaits. BUYER BEWARE
Bill Cowher - He might be the first NFL coach to make 10 million a year.


Team collapses - Broncos, Jets, Bucs, Cowboys, and Redskins. All of these teams had the playoffs in their hands before fumbling them away.
Brett Favre - He totally alienated himself from his fans in Green Bay to come back and lead the NFL in interceptions. Oh yeah, he got his Coach fired.
Al Davis - Hand over the keys.
Ocho Cinco - Is this Spanish for “I suck?” His stats look like a second string TE’s.
Mike Martz - Fired for the 3rd time in 3 years. How do you say pompass ass in Spanish?
Cheers and Hail

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The NFL - That’s The End Of The 4th Quarter

Coming this week to Fatpickled:

Tuesday - NFL 2008 Recap

Wednesday - Redskin’s 2008 Report Card

Thursday - 2009 Athletes and Professional Teams Resolutions

Friday - NFL Playoff Predictions For Week 1

Saturday - 6 Degrees Of Fatpickled

Today, let’s take a look out how I fared in my halftime NFL playoff picks.

NFC My pick Week 8 Actual

#1 Giants Giants

#2 Panthers Panthers

#3 Cards Vikings

#4 Vikings Cards

#5 Skins Falcons

#6 Eagles Eagles

NOT BAD, 5 out of 6 right (The one I missed stings a little)

AFC My pick Week 8 Actual

#1 Titans Titans

#2 Patriots Steelers

#3 Steelers Dolphins

#4 Ravens Chargers

#5 Colts Colts

#6 Jets Ravens

NOT BAD, 3 out of 6 right, but could have been 6 for 6 if things had turned out differently Sunday.

Cheers and Hail

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The Wizards Aren’t The Worst Team Ever

In a match up pitting 2 teams with the worst records ever to meet each other, the Wizards came away with a win. This brings the Wiz’s season record to 5-23, last in the Eastern Conference. Amazingly, they are only 7.5 games out of the final playoff spot. If they can play well enough until Gilbert Arena’s comes back, who knows, Playoffs? I don’t think so. My advice would be to bring back Arenas very slowly and start playing for ping-pong balls.
While we ponder how things got so bad, so fast, here are some highlights of the good old days.

Cheers and Hail

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Six Degrees Of Fatpickled…Christmas Edition

A nice story about Kurt Warner juggling Family, Football and his faith.

A fat, old, Quarterback who likes to throw footballs at his receiver’s feet seeks new contract, any takers?

An awesome story of Charlie White, a Redskins usher for the past 70 years.

From the Evil Empire, a cool story about the last at-bat at Yankee Stadium. (turns out it wasn’t Brian Roberts)

A Baltimore Sun columnists insist it’s a good thing Teixeira signed with the Evil Empire. (I was clearly wrong with my Teixeira to O’s theory)

Zorn will be back.

Merry Christmas!

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If My Aunt Had Nuts…She’d Be My Uncle

The Redskins would be in the Playoffs if…

If the Skins win @ home against a St. Louis team that won 2 games all year.

If Josh Brown misses the 49 yard FG.

If we had a punter all year long like the one we had the last few weeks.

If we didn’t have a Kicker like the one we had the last few weeks.

If the Skins beat a Cincy team that won 3 games all year.

If it didn’t take 15 games to figure out how to use Jason Taylor.

If it didn’t take 15 games for Randle El to take his first step forward after fielding a punt, instead of left or right or backwards.

If the Skins could have capitalized on turnovers and scored in the redzone against the Steelers or Cowboys.

If every set of downs on Offense didn’t go like this:

1rst down - 3 yard out to Cooley

2nd down - run with Portis

3rd down - slant to Moss

If we give the ball to Portis against Cincy on 1rst and goal, or 2nd, or 3rd.

If any of our first 3 draft picks of 2008 would have produced on the field.




I could go on and on, but whats the point? The bottom line is this, the NFC East is the best Division in the NFL and there is a fine line between a 10-6 record or a 6-10 record. Normally the difference is just a few plays over the course of a 16 week season. The fact is the Skins just didn’t make those plays.

So where do we go from here? Well, the off season starts soon that is normally filled with lots of drama and new found hope. I for one love my team more than ever and will be ready to ride the emotional roller coaster again next season.

Besides we are going to win the Super Bowl next year, if ……
Cheers and Hail

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Will The O’s Land Teixeira?


This is my take on the whole Teixeira sweepstakes, probably way wrong but here is what I think is going on. Obviously smokescreens are being set everywhere. We don’t know exactly who has a serious offer on the table or who is in, who is out? Are the Red Sox really out, or are they just working Boras? Are the Yankees going to come to the table with ridiculous money? Does he play near his home in MD, but not for the O’s but for the Nationals? Does he stay with the Angels?

No, I think he signs with the Orioles. When the Orioles made an initial offer to Boras to show they are in the ballgame, that was all I needed to see. I believe that the Orioles will have the right to match any offer. I think Boras is out trying to get a $200 million dollar contract for Tex, because it’s his job, but ultimately he will not get the $200 million. He will probably get the 8 year $185 million that is being reported in the press. I believe Teixeira will then ask him to see if the Orioles will match it, because Baltimore is where he wants to be. Baltimore probably will not match it however, they will probably offer around 1-1.5 million less per year. At this point Tex will have to decide if wants to play for Baltimore at a “hometown discount,” or play for Boston. Whats 21 million per compared to 22 million? He chooses Baltimore (it may take an opt-out clause after 3 years, based on how competitive the Orioles are.)

The Orioles then need to sign Nick Markakis to a 6 year 75 million contract to lock him up. Committing $250 million dollars is a lot, but you’ll be set for the future. Tex, Markakis, Matt Weiters, and Adam Jones form an awesome nucleus to build around.
Here is a tentative lineup for 2009.

1 - Roberts .297-9-57 40SB 107R
2 - Jones .290 -9-57
3 - Markakis .306 -20-87
4 - Teixeira .308 -33-121
5 - Huff .304-32-108
6 - Mora .285-23-104
7 - Weiters .355-27-91 (minors)
8 - Scott .257-23-65
9 - Izturis .263-1-24 24SB

That lineup will hang with anyone, now the pitching on the other hand……
I’m anxious to see how it turns out, I feel strongly that I am right on this. We should know by Christmas.

Cheers and Hail

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