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Why the Redskins Should Draft a Lineman, But of Course They Won’t

*Editor’s note: Some readers have pointed out that I missed Jeremy Jarmon. It was an oversight due to him being picked in the supplemental draft. He has 1/2 career sack, which still keeps the DE/DT’s behind the secondary as far as sacks are concerned over the last decade. I also totally missed Derrick Dockery as a 3rd rounder in 2003. He has started 112 career games in the NFL, which further proves the point that I was trying to make, we need to draft lineman in the top half of the draft.

More of this would be nice

The Redskins haven’t drafted a true DE before the 7th round during the Dan Snyder era (2000-2010). They‘ve also neglected to draft a DT before the 5th round, your list:

DE Jackson 7th rd 2008
DT Montgomery 5th 2005
DT Golston 6th 2005
DE Greg Scott 7th 2002 (who)
DT Monds 6th 2004
DT Cowsette 7th 2000

Some may consider Brian Orakpo to be a DE, he’s truly not. But even if you consider him a DE, I’ll call that a step in the right direction. Orakpo has earned 2 trips to the Pro Bowl in 2 years.

Want a stat that will blow your mind?? Consider this:

The above list of DE/DT’s drafted in the last 11 years have produced 11.5 sacks. The DB’s the Redskins have drafted during that time have 12.5 sacks! (Tryon, Horton, Landry, Doughty, Taylor & Lott)

The biggest reason for the Redskins struggles on offense for the last 3 years decade? Easily the play of the offensive line. No QB can play behind that offensive line. Well, when you draft 1, I repeat 1 offensive lineman before round 7 of the NFL draft (and he sucked) during a 9 year period (2001-2009), that’s what happens. Your list:

T Rhinehart 3rd 2008 - didn’t make it as a tackle, failed as G in 4 games
G Lefotu 7th 2006 - I think he had a heart attack in t-camp
T Molinaro 6th 2004
T Coleman 6th 2002
C Grau 7th 2002

We can thank Charley Casserly for laying Chris Samuels in our laps by giving us the 2nd and 3rd overall picks in 2000. Even Dan and Vinny couldn’t find away to F that one up. Again, I will consider the pick of Trent Williams in 2010 as a step in the right direction.

Ready for another stat that will blow your mind? Consider this:

The above list of all O-lineman drafted by the Redskins during that 9 year period totaled 4 starts. F-O-U-R! Chris Samuels (1st Rd 2000) and Jon Jansen (2nd Rd 1999) started 264 games for the Redskins!

One final stat, let’s compare the Redskins total amount of OL/DL’s drafted in the first 4 rounds of the draft from 2000-2010 vs. the 3 teams that have won multiple Super Bowls.

Patriots - 16
Steelers - 15
Colts - 10
Redskins - 3

I see that value…do you? More importantly do the Redskins?

Cheers and Hail

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Playoffs + Redskins = .008% Happy

I was taking a look at the Redskins playoff success lack of success over the last decade when a few glaring statistics started slapping me in the face. Some of these items I find pretty amazing.

Since 2000 (11 seasons) there have been 121 NFL playoff games (including Super Bowl XLV) the Redskins have won 1 game. This means that over the last 11 years Redskins fans have had a reason to celebrate in January exactly .008% of the time. In other words, we’re miserable this time of year. .008, chew on that!

During the same span the Redskins have scored 4 offensive TD’s. Santana Moss leads with 2. Sean Taylor’s 51-yd fumble recovery for a TD against the Bucs in 2005 ties him with Portis and Randle-El with 1 touchdown each, Another way to look at this…you and I were 2 TD’s away from leading the Redskins in playoff touchdowns over the last 11 seasons!

You and I are only 1 sack away from being the Redskins team leader in the playoffs since 2000. Omar Stoutmire, Phillip Daniels, Demetric Evans and Chris Wilson each had one.

Those 4 offensive TD’s the Redskins have accumulated in 11 seasons? The Skins scored 5 TD’s in 13 minutes of Super Bowl XXII.

The 41 total points and 579 total offensive yards the Redskins have accumulated in 11 years also falls short of the 42 pts and 602 yds the Skins rolled up on the Broncos in XXII.

Tommy Maddox and Kelly Holcomb each threw for 3 TD’s in a single 2002 playoff game. No Redskin QB has thrown for more than 2 total (Todd Collins) over the past 11 seasons.

Look, there’s a lot more of these examples but you’ve probably gotten the point. It’s been a rough decade. I’m hoping we can get this thing turned around starting in 2011.

*Editor’s note: Dan Snyder purchased the Redskins in 1999.

Cheers and Hail

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Posted by fatpickle    Date: Friday, January 28, 2011

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Carson Palmer

Ever since the news broke on Sunday that Carson Palmer wanted out of Cincy the debate has started as to whether or not the Redskins should pursue him via trade. My simple answer is a big fat NO! Grant Paulsen also weighed in with a no vote and has some valid points in a post you can find right here. I would just like to say a couple more things about Palmer.

He’s 46-51 as a starter. If we want a QB to lead us to a 7-9 record we’ve already got Rex Grossman.

Although he hasn’t been sacked a lot the past couple years, he’s not a very mobile QB since his knee injury. Put him behind our offensive line and he gets sacked 50 times.

In 2008 doctors recommended Palmer get “Tommy John” surgery on his throwing elbow. He decided against it and elected to have the injury heal with rest. Do you really want to trade away draft picks for a guy with an elbow hanging by a thread? He’s clearly lost zip off his fastball.

I mentioned on Twitter (follow me) the other day that I’d rather have Carson Daly as the Skins QB, to which Rich Tandler added he’d rather have Johnny Carson. It’s not a good idea at all for the Redskins to pursue Palmer, hell I’d rather have Rosey Palmer.

Cheers and Hail

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Pro Bowl

Where's the Hawaii Tap Room?

Does anyone like or even give 2 shits about this game? It’s a meaningless game played by players who are in the middle of a nice vacation. The players are there to get a check and go thru the motions. The players play the game with little to no effort, going half speed and playing as if it’s a walk thru practice. In other words the players act like Albert Haynesworth in a regular season game. I’ve seen enough of that this year.

I do hope that Brian Orakpo, London Fletcher, DeAngelo Halland their friends/families that are with them have a fun vacation. See some sites, eat well, play a little golf and stay healthy. Malama pono.

Cheers and Hail

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Knee Problems?

Did Jay Cutler quit on his team? I don’t know for sure. Is Jay Cutler’s knee really F’d up? I hope so…for his reputation’s sake. The above picture is of Doug Williams wrecking his knee in Super Bowl XXII against the Broncos. The Skins were trailing 10-0 and things weren’t looking very good. He sat out 2 plays and then came back to direct the Skins to 35 2nd quarter points. He couldn’t attend the post game party and had surgery a few days later. Doug Williams was the man. Sorry Bears fans…I wonder where Jay Cutler’s partying tonight?

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Posted by fatpickle    Date: Monday, January 24, 2011

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