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Vonnie Holliday: Most Of What You Hear About Albert Is True

Vonnie Hollidaywas our guest on Pickled Hogs Radio Thursday night and he proved to attack our interview like he does opposing QB’s. The Redskins defensive end and player rep shared with us some information on the inside workings of the CBA and weighed in on Albert Haynesworth. I suggest clicking on the link and listening to the entire interview…other highlights include Dick Vermeil’s crying problems, the Redskins nose tackle situation and a date with Vonnie to sack Kevin or I while we wear a Tony Romo jersey. Thanks again to Vonnie, he’s a great guy…I’m hoping he breaks Kevin’s collar bone.

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Here’s a couple highlights:

On keeping teammates aware of the CBA negotiations and if they’re in the dark (via Kevin):

Well you know it gets all up in the legal stuff. And I sit on the board cuz I’m a rep and I’m privy to a little more than the other guys are. And that’s just because we have to maintain an edge if you will. And it’s negotiations and the whole process. I try to be as upfront and honest with the guys as I can be, or as possible. But at the same time there’s alot of stuff that’s just uncertain - it’s uncharted territory for us. And so we just don’t know what’s going to happen. And on one hand the owner tell us we have these “private meetings being held, and on the other hand and you know their preparing for an 18 game season. So there’s alot of mixed messages sent out there. Not only thru the media but as far as the info we receive as reps. So its very difficult at times because I know there’s alot of people, our players don’t understand whats going on. Alot of times I’m a player advocate trying to answer questions for these guys and encouraging them to call up their reps. If I dont’ have the answer then I’m gonna call up our player advocate.

On what goes on in those private meetings and if the information trickles down to the players (via Kevin):

We have selected an exec committee and that’s why you see these guys. Jeff Saturday and Vrabel, Brees and those guys - you see them alot and hear about them alot because they are actually in the meetings and going to negotiations and talks with the owners and the legal team there. We don’t even get all that information from those guys. So about once every 2 weeks or whenever something significant happens in a meeting then we get a call or I get a text at 7 in the morning saying “call this person or call that player advocate quote, unquote because there is something to discuss, this may happen or that may happen. Are we prepared to accept this or not this. That’s kind of what goes on. And to be honest there’s not alot going on. And yes we are having conversations but nothing significant yet has been passed down to the board for us to vote on, for us to say yay or nay.

On the 18 game season leaked out - is that a power move by the league (via Kevin)

Personally, my personal opinion, I think it’s the 18 game season - you know it’s more of a distraction out there, it’s to cause confusion to rattle our guys, to get us stirred up and possible cause some kind of distension - we don’t know. Like I said on one hand we are negotiating. We got big-wigs coming to these meetings - these quote, unquote private meetings that aren’t so private, that everyone is aware of. And on the other hand you have talks of an 18 game season, so we felt confident, hopeful, and we were called and said we were gonna be meeting and told these meetings were going to be taking place in private, but at the same time we have to be prepared too. Because you know, in the same week you hear about the 18 game season, so like I said there’s alot of uncertainty. and its unfortunate and theres alot of guys out there that don’t understand. We encourage them to please when they have these questions and they feel like they are in the dark to call up and as much as I can because alot of times I feel like I’m in the dark. Out of nowhere we were having the private talks, then I turn on ESPN and on twitter and there is talk about an 18 game season. So that’s totally out of left field for me.

On Haslett’s comments about Haynesworth and Hollidays feelings about AH (via Doug):

You know I did get a chance to see that and I was a little surprised by that. I know there’s not alot of talk going on in football right now, but to have that candid of a conversation,by the defensive coordinator, I was a little surprised. I know we’ve had those conversations before. I was certainly surprised that he went on and was that frank about things. We all know what kind of guy Albert is. And problems that he’s had with the Redskins. You know alot of stuff unfortunately that you hear is true, it is. Here’s a guy Albert Hanesworth, the disappointing part of Albert is…this guy could be one of the most dominating defensive players to play the game. And it’s unfortunate that all of this side-stuff distracted him from, not only to be the most highest paid defensive player, he’s a high-profile guy. And it’s mostly because of negative stuff, bad stuff, it’s not about what he’s doing on the field. When this guy makes up his mind to do so, he can dominate a game. You know you saw it last year in the Chicago game, he got mad, he went out, they put him in some good situations and he played the way you expect a guy you paid that kind of money to play. You know as a player you don’t want to get caught up in…as a teammate, I could careless. Yeah, Monday thru Friday when we are down on the field your talking to the media, your talking to the coaches, you are talking to the owner, yeah you know handle your business. Do your business, but when you go on the field I just need to know that I’m going to get your best effort. You are going to give me 100%. And I can depend on you and you are going to be accountable and I’m going to give the same - that’s all I can ask. And that’s been my only problem with Albert, cause that has not been the case.

Cheers and Hail

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