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Cal Ripken Wants To Sell You Beef Jerky

In the style of SI, this weeks sign of the apocalypse…Cal Ripken is selling beef jerky. Now, don’t get me wrong…I love Cal and I love beef jerky but isn’t this a product that’s best left to Jeff Foxworthy?

This isn’t the first time that Cal’s put his name on a questionable product, could Cal interest you in a wool duvet?

This should tell you how low a job in the front office with the Orioles ranks, somewhere below jerky and wool and just above unemployment.

Cheers and Hail

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Posted by fatpickle    Date: Thursday, September 30, 2010

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Happy Birthday Fatpickled

Fatpickled Birthday Party Year 1

I’m sorry for the lack of posting as of late. The Rams loss was particularly tough and if you don’t have anything nice to say, well…

Today, Fatpickled turns 2. I want to thank everyone who frequents this blog, I greatly appreciate it. The site is now over 600,000 hits and I’m inching towards my goal of 1 million. I’m going to get there because I have great supporters like you, supporters who continue to visit the site and refer others to it. So if you see something here you like, please Tweet it, Facebook it, link it or email it to others who may enjoy it as well.

I wanted to link the first post I ever wrote, 2 years ago today. It was a great day, The Redskins beat the Cowboys in Dallas and everything was perfect in the world in that space in time. Well, I guess a couple people were bitter (check out the comments…Porkboy has issues, haha).

If you’re new to the blog you can also see some of my top post from year 1 here.

Thanks again for your support, looking forward to your comments and feedback in year 3!

Cheers and Hail

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Posted by fatpickle    Date: Wednesday, September 29, 2010

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NFL Week 3: Pickin on the NFL

Where's my F'in money?

Wow, my picks have sucked more than suck, sucks. Last week I had a somewhat decent week with my straight up (SU) picks going 10-6, but against the spread (ATS) I went 5-11. If I was laying real money on these games I would be forking piles of cash to a bookie, in fact said bookie would love me. I did nail my survivor lock of the week (SLOW) and my upset special (US). Here’s my year to date stats and week 3 picks.

SU 18-14 .56
ATS 9-22-1 .28
US 2-0 (WAS, KCC)

CIN -3 @ CAR CIN 21 CAR 13

I’ve been burned by this rule before but I still believe in it, always bet against a rookie QB making his first start, especially when it’s Jimmy Clausen.

DAL @ HOU -2.5 DAL 27 HOU 23

I’m giving the nod to Dallas here because the Texans D is suspect so all that passing the Cowboys like to do may actually pay off. It won’t hurt my feelings if I’m wrong.

MIN -12 @ DET MIN 27 DET 16

If Brett Favre doesn’t get himself straightened out in this game…it’s over Johnny, over.

ATL @ NOS -3 NOS 24 ATL 20

The Saints have the Falcons number, which by the way I believe is 867-5309.

PIT -1 @ TBB PIT 17 TBB 13

I think the Steelers are starting Charlie Batch, I don’t care.

CLE @ BAL -10.5 BAL 27 CLE 14

How bad has Joe Flacco been this year? If he doesn’t straighten himself out today…

TEN @ NYG -2.5 TEN 21 NYG 20

I have no idea why I’m picking the Titans, I guess I like living on the edge.

BUF @ NEP -15.5 NEP 30 BUF 13

I’ve heard of a short list when looking for a head coach…how long is your list when you actually get to Chan Gailey?

SFF -3 @ KCC SFF 21 KCC 17

Wouldn’t be the least bit surprised to see the Chiefs win this game and start 3-0.

WAS -4.5 @ STL WAS 27-17 (SLOW)

I see Clinton Portis having a good game and the Redskins taking care of business.

PHI -2.5 @ JAC JAC 20 PHI 19

Anxious to see how Michael Vick plays in this game, if he stinks up the joint Andy Reid will have a mess to deal with. I love it!

SDC -5 @ SEA SDC 27- SEA 17

My dislike for Pete Carroll is on a New York Yankees type level.

OAK @ ARI -4.5 OAK 20 ARI 17

Bruce Gradowski and Derek Anderson are the starting QB’s in this game…

IND -5.5 @ DEN IND 24 DEN 20

Why do I not have any Colts on my 3 fantasy football teams = FAIL.

NYJ @ MIA -1 NYJ 20 MIA 17

Last weekend’s biggest surprise was the Jets victory over the Pats. Well, that and the Redskins blowing a 17 point lead.

GBP -3 @ CHI GBP 23 CHI 17

The Packers are the real deal Holyfield.

Cheers and Hail

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Posted by fatpickle    Date: Sunday, September 26, 2010

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The Redskins Need To Pound the Rams, Plain & Simple

I think that this Redskins team is different from years past. I think this team is headed in the right direction. What I really want to do is start believing that this team is different and start believing that this team is a playoff contender. Faith in that belief can start this Sunday if and when the Redskins do what they should do, beat one of the worst teams in the league.

I may already be a believer if not for the final 18 minutes of last Sunday’s game. Quite frankly, the way we lost that game was just more of the same old Redskins that we’ve seen the past couple years. The Redskins have far too difficult of a schedule to throw away games like that and they certain can’t afford to lose to teams they should beat. But the Redskins of the recent past do lose to teams they should beat and that’s why they need to deliver an ass-pounding to the Rams on Sunday.

Last year the Redskins were 1-1 after barely beating a 1-15 Rams team at home by a score of 9-7. Redskins fans started looking at the schedule and seeing the Lions, Bucs, Panthers and Chiefs on the schedule and predicted the Redskins would be 5-1. Well, they lost to a Lions team that hadn’t won in nearly 2 years and ended up losing 3 out of those 4 games. Season over.

2 years ago the Redskins were 4-1 and coming off huge back to back road wins vs. the Cowboys and Eagles when they faced the Rams at FedEx field. In another game that should have been a sure win, the Redskins lost and fizzled out the rest of the way. The Lions and Rams have 5 wins combined in the last 2 years, 2 of those came at the Redskins expense.

The Redskins need to get over this mental hurdle and not play to the level of their opponent. Show me, and more importantly themselves and other teams in the NFL that they are a different team. A rookie QB on a team that lost to a Bruce Gradowski led Raiders team last week. A team with 3 wins in the last 2 years, a win by less than 10 points should be unacceptable.

Of course, what a game looks like on paper doesn’t mean anything in the NFL, I realize that. In the words of the great Kenny Mayne “the games aren’t played on paper, the are played by little men inside our TV sets”.

Those little men need to kick some ass!

Cheers and Hail

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Posted by fatpickle    Date: Friday, September 24, 2010

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Redskins/Texans: Random Thoughts

I don’t want to hear about “silver linings” or “bright sides” of this loss…bullshit. The Redskins were up by 17 with 18 minutes to play and blew it. There’s nothing good about losing at home in that manner. 6-10 or 4-12 teams look at the “bright sides” of losing, is that what this team is? No, I don’t believe they are, so I don’t see “silver linings”.

The Redskins gave up 174 yards in those final 18 minutes and 526 yards in the game. The Redskins D is now dead last in the NFL, allowing 453 yards per game. Any “silver linings” that? Hell no, that’s a problem.

While the defense couldn’t hold the lead the offense did nothing to help the situation. 3 out of 4 drives in the 4th quarter resulted in 3 and outs. The Redskins lost a total of 24 yards on those 3 drives.

The Redskins rushed for 18 yards on 17 carries and the running backs now have 98 yards rushing in 2 games on 37 carries. NO MORE Larry Johnson, please and thank you.

Hey Fred Davis you want to chip that guy on the FG attempt, no? I’d take an Alex Barron hold as opposed to ignoring the guy making a B-line towards the kicker.

I will always appreciate the way Clinton Portis plays the game, see above.

Thank you Bruce Allen and Mike Shanahan for Donovan McNabb. D.C. hasn’t seen a player like him at QB in 20 or 30 years.

It’s never a good thing when your top tacklers are your safeties and corners. I don’t care if you’re running a 3-4, a 4-3 or something we’ve never heard of. DeAngelo Hall is on pace for 176 tackles, DeAngelo Hall doesn’t tackle people.

Laron Landry was all over the place again and thru 2 games he’s one of the best defensive players in the league, seriously.

I never realized how excited I could actually be to welcome back Kareem Moore. I heart Reed Doughty, he’s a great special teams player and supports the run well, but he just can’t cover.

I can’t remember the last time the Redskins had a 17 point lead, maybe they just forgot what to do when you have one.

Please let Trent Williams be ok.

Cheers and Hail

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Posted by fatpickle    Date: Monday, September 20, 2010

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NFL Week 2: Pickin on the NFL

My week 1 picks were absolutely horrible! I was 8-8 straight up and 4-11-1 against the spread. I did hit my survivor lock of the week (CHI) and my upset special (WAS). I can only expect to be better this week, here goes.

PIT @ TEN-5 TEN 20 PIT 14

I can’t see a Dennis Dixon led team going into the Titan’s house and winning 2 in a row.

BAL-1 @ CIN CIN 20 BAL 17

I just flipped my pick in this game, so I’m not feeling to good about this pick. Cincy went 6-0 in the division last year and it would be tough for the Ravens to win two road games in a row against playoff caliber teams.

PHI-7 @ DET PHI 24 DET 16

Michael Vick is starting his 1st game in nearly 4 years and he’ll be the wild card but it is the Lions, so…

ARI @ ATL-7.5 ATL 26 ARI 20

I always like the home team when the visiting team is traveling coast to coast add the fact that Derek Anderson is not good and you have a Falcons victory.

MIA @ MIN-5.5 MIN 27 MIA 17

Bill Parcel’s didn’t leave the Dolphins in better shape than he found them…and they sucked when he got control of them.

KCC @ CLE-1 KCC 21 CLE 14 (Upset Special)

The Chiefs impressed me more than any other team in week 1, I know it’s early but this may a team that surprises a lot of people.

TBB @ CAR-3 CAR 23 TBB 19

The Bucs will get a heavy dose of the running game which is good because Matt Moore isn’t effective at executing a forward pass.

BUF @ GB -13.5 GB 26 BUF 10 (Survivor lock of the Week)

This is easy Packers = good, Bills = bad.

CHI @ DAL-9 DAL 27 CHI 17

I need Felix Jones to step for me in this game for fantasy purposes, please and thank you Jason Garret.

SEA @ DEN-3 DEN 23 SEA 17

I just hate the Seahawks and their coach…that is all.

STL @ OAK-3 OAK 20 STL 16

Do I have to pick one of these teams? Yuck.

JAC @ SDC-8 SDC 27 JAC 20

The Chargers game is blacked out in SD, SD fans are blacked out because Norv Turner is their coach.

NEP-3 @ NYJ NEP 24 NYJ 17

The Jest offense is not good, on a related note the Patriots offense is.

HOU-1 @ WAS WAS 23 HOU 21

Another game where I flipped my pick at the last second. Both teams know each other well so I’m going to go with Mike Shanahan having a better game plan than Gary Kubiak.

NYG @ IND -5 IND 27 NYG 21

No way Peyton Manning loses 2 in a row.

NOS-6 @ SFF NOS 27 SFF 17

The 49er’s looked horrible in week 1 and things are going to get worse before they get better.

Cheers and Hail

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Posted by fatpickle    Date: Sunday, September 19, 2010

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