Why the Redskins Should Draft a Lineman, But of Course They Won’t

*Editor’s note: Some readers have pointed out that I missed Jeremy Jarmon. It was an oversight due to him being picked in the supplemental draft. He has 1/2 career sack, which still keeps the DE/DT’s behind the secondary as far as sacks are concerned over the last decade. I also totally missed Derrick Dockery as a 3rd rounder in 2003. He has started 112 career games in the NFL, which further proves the point that I was trying to make, we need to draft lineman in the top half of the draft.

More of this would be nice

The Redskins haven’t drafted a true DE before the 7th round during the Dan Snyder era (2000-2010). They‘ve also neglected to draft a DT before the 5th round, your list:

DE Jackson 7th rd 2008
DT Montgomery 5th 2005
DT Golston 6th 2005
DE Greg Scott 7th 2002 (who)
DT Monds 6th 2004
DT Cowsette 7th 2000

Some may consider Brian Orakpo to be a DE, he’s truly not. But even if you consider him a DE, I’ll call that a step in the right direction. Orakpo has earned 2 trips to the Pro Bowl in 2 years.

Want a stat that will blow your mind?? Consider this:

The above list of DE/DT’s drafted in the last 11 years have produced 11.5 sacks. The DB’s the Redskins have drafted during that time have 12.5 sacks! (Tryon, Horton, Landry, Doughty, Taylor & Lott)

The biggest reason for the Redskins struggles on offense for the last 3 years decade? Easily the play of the offensive line. No QB can play behind that offensive line. Well, when you draft 1, I repeat 1 offensive lineman before round 7 of the NFL draft (and he sucked) during a 9 year period (2001-2009), that’s what happens. Your list:

T Rhinehart 3rd 2008 - didn’t make it as a tackle, failed as G in 4 games
G Lefotu 7th 2006 - I think he had a heart attack in t-camp
T Molinaro 6th 2004
T Coleman 6th 2002
C Grau 7th 2002

We can thank Charley Casserly for laying Chris Samuels in our laps by giving us the 2nd and 3rd overall picks in 2000. Even Dan and Vinny couldn’t find away to F that one up. Again, I will consider the pick of Trent Williams in 2010 as a step in the right direction.

Ready for another stat that will blow your mind? Consider this:

The above list of all O-lineman drafted by the Redskins during that 9 year period totaled 4 starts. F-O-U-R! Chris Samuels (1st Rd 2000) and Jon Jansen (2nd Rd 1999) started 264 games for the Redskins!

One final stat, let’s compare the Redskins total amount of OL/DL’s drafted in the first 4 rounds of the draft from 2000-2010 vs. the 3 teams that have won multiple Super Bowls.

Patriots - 16
Steelers - 15
Colts - 10
Redskins - 3

I see that value…do you? More importantly do the Redskins?

Cheers and Hail

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