RJ: Training Camp Day 35

Reggie Jones is posting his training camp journal on this site, please check back often to follow Reggie on his journey.

Woke up this morning to my son digging his little fingers in my face. lol. I Rolled away from him, next thing I know he’s digging his nails in my back. (HatiN on daddy’s sleep time) lol.

I left the house for meetings and walk-thrus. It’s the last walk-thru of the pre season. After walk-thrus I drove to the house to grab my headphones, then came back to the facility to hop in the ice tub. While in the ice tub I took some time to write my little sister a letter. She’s goiN through a change for the better. So I want to make sure I encourage her. I’ll send it out Friday morning.

After I rejuvenated my body I went back home to pack up to leave for the hotel. Under clothes, some lounge clothes for meetings, a fresh outfit for gameday, and of course a Seattle fitted to match. (Squeezed in a couple games of Madden before I left too) lol

Wifey dropped me off at the facility so I could ride the team bus to the hotel, THIS TRAFFIC IS CRAZY! We had to get off the freeway to take a bunch of back roads cuz we were standstill on the freeway. At one point I seriously thought we were gonna be late.

I’ve been bumpiN that “Lil Wayne ft. Bruno Mars- Mirror” That’s my cut right now. Also that “Drake- Headlines”… The 1st verse of that song gets me goiN. I feel like he wrote it just to inspire me. I appreciate that drizzy.. Good lookiN out.. lol

Meetings went well. Coach gave the traditional last pre season game speech. LettiN people know you’re not just performing for the Redskins, but for the entire league. Because after the game every team cuts down from 80 players to 53. Then its a mad scramble for teams lookiN for players from other teams to mix and match their 53 man roster to their liking. So tomorrow is a a big day, Glad it’s a home game. (Wifey and Dash in the stands to watch me ball).
Came back to the room and turned on that “Lil Wayne ft. Bruno Mars- Mirror” on repeat.. Had a couple bites of vanilla ice cream w/ a cherry on top and zoned out.


Tomorrow truly is $howtime!!

Goodnight… #DREAMINabout: “#ODDS” To me it’s nothiN more than numbers that can’t b divided by 2. I’ve been defying them my entire life ~$HOWTIME

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