Fantasy Thoughts For Week 8 (that don’t include Megan Fox)

Another family beat down is coming this week in The League. In the meantime here are my Fantasy Studs for week 8.

Studs (nice Rayhawk)


Brees - Now I know picking Brees is not exactly going out on a limb, but he did have a terrible game last week. This week he’s going against the last ranked pass D in the league, and his running game is in disarray. Anything less than 250yds and 3Td’s and I’ll call this a dud. (weather pending)

Delhomme - The Cardinals head to the east coast again, you can never forget the 6 Td’s Favre laid on them.

Mcnabb - It makes me throw up a little in my mouth to type this down.

O’Sullivan - His job is on the line and Martz loves him. Martz will find a way for him to have a solid game against a struggling Seattle team.


Gore - Coming off a horrible performance, he gets back to himself this week.

T. Jones - Going against a Chiefs run D that might be the worst I have seen in the last 10 years.

Mcgahee - He’s been getting stronger and better every week, now he’s got the right matchup to have the big day you’ve been waiting for.

Tomlison - Maybe the biggest disappointment in Fantasy Football this year. He was every one’s #1 or #2 pick. You finally get a big game from him this week.


Avery - This is my pick for a great #3 WR this week. 2 solid games in a row, he had a TD last week plus another long one called back. If he’s available in your league pick him up!

A. Johnson - The huge #’s continue this week.

S. Smith - See Delhomme above.

R. White - His last 4 games, 29rec 453yds 3tds. This is Ryan’s security blanket, cover yourself in him.

Enjoy the games!

Cheers and Hail

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