Picking On The NFL

Since I was a kid I have always been awesome at predicting the outcome of NFL games. Many an office pool I have won. I won office pools before I even worked! Keeping track of my picks for several years, I found that I was correct around 70% of the time. Now, if there is a spread, a bookie, and a bet involved, my success rate was not so hot. So, I gave up the gambling and I just stick to the straight up picks. Each Saturday I will post my NFL picks of the Week.

You are looking live at my Week 8 picks:
ATL @ PHI -7 1/2
PHI 24- ATL 17
Atlanta is a suprising 4-2 with 2 straight upsets. They play tough but won’t make it 3 straight.

KC @ NYJ -12 1/2
NYJ 27- KC 10
Kansas City is starting a 3rd string QB who shouldn’t be in the league, and they allow 200 yds rushing per game. How did they destroy the Broncos?

STL @ NE -7
NE 31- STL 16

St Louis has won 2 big games in a row after changing coaches. They will not make it 3 straight.

BUF @ MIA + 1 1/2
MIA 23- BUF 20

This is that trip up game that happens every week to good NFL teams. The superior team loses in Miami.

OAK @ BAL -7
BAL 20- OAK 10

I may be charitable giving the Raiders 10 points here. Russell + Raven’s D = bad news for Oak.

WAS @ DET +7

But I mean, come on.

ARI @ CAR -4
CAR 27- ARI 17

This Carolina team is good. I think they will contend all the way to the NFC championship.

SD @ NO +3
SD 31- NO 27

If the weather is good it will be a shootout. New Orleans playoff chances are up in the air.

TB @ DAL -2
DAL 17- TB 13

Brad Johnson finds a way to beat another team he used to play for.

CIN @ HOU -9 1/2
HOU 28- CIN 24

Cincy goes to 0-8, they may not win until the last week of the season vs KC.

CLE @ JAC - 7
JAC 21- CLE 13

Brady Quinn is the starting QB by the Denver game in 2 weeks.

NYG @ PIT - 2 1/2
PIT 23- NYG 16

Pittsburgh @ Washington next Sunday night!

SEA @ SF - 5
SF 27- SEA 14

What a way for Holmgren to go out.

IND @ TEN - 4
IND 20- TEN 17
Don’t write Indy off just yet, take the cap off the pen, but don’t write them off.

Enjoy the games.

Cheers and Hail
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