Fantasy Recap Week 8…Studs or Duds


Week 8 was a pretty good week in fantasy. My teams went 2-1, and I moved up in my rotisserie league. Let’s take a quick look to see who were Studs and who were Duds.

Brees - 329yds, 3TD STUD He got the 3 TD’s plus 300+ yds

Delhomme - 248yds, 2TD STUD Not 6 TD’s but it works

Mcnabb - 278yds, 1TD DUD Now I’m really pissed. I pick summers eve, then he lays an egg

O’Sullivan - DUD Wow, I was drinking the kool-aid on this guy, he’s not even a starter anymore

Gore - 159yds, STUD a TD would have been nice but he still had a solid day

Mcgahee - 57yds, 1TD DUD I don’t see him being a #1 or even #2 fantasy starter this year

T. Jones - 60yds, 1TD DUD Washington stole some carries and made the most of them

Tomlison - 170yds, 1TD STUD just as I predicted

Avery - 163yds, 1TD STUD If you did not take my advice to pick him up, he’s gone now

A. Johnson - 11rec, 143yds STUD this guy is racking up the catches and yards, he may set some records this year if he stays healthy

S. Smith - 117yds, 2TD STUD he made a lot of this happen on his own

R. White - 113yds, 2TD STUD he’s becoming an elite receiver

Studs for the week 8/12. YTD 26/36 72%
Cheers and Hail
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