Can’t Find A Better Man

Tony Dungy retired today after 31 seasons as a player and coach. I’d have to say he earned it. He’s a lock for the Hall of Fame after winning 148 games and a Super Bowl. 10 consecutive seasons in the playoffs, six consecutive 12-win seasons. He also leaves with the highest average of regular-season victories of any coach in league history (10.7).

Living in Tampa Bay gives you a better idea about Tony Dungy, the man. Over the 5 years that I have lived here, I’ve run into many people who have met Tony Dungy and they all talk about the man, not the coach. In fact, the fans down here have never gotten over Tony leaving. You could poll 100 people and ask them why the Bucs won the Super Bowl in 2002, and at least 90 of them would say “Tony Dungy.” Truth be told, Chucky has never been popular here, and after his performance since that Super Bowl win, the fans are calling for his job.

Tony never won anything in Tampa, but his legend will never die here. So while his name will never be in the Bucs all-time record books, he will always be in the fan’s hearts. I think he’s OK with that.

In the long run, no one wants to make their mark in the workplace. It’s touching the lives of your friends, families, and loved ones that really makes a difference. Sometimes, good people make you want to be a better man.

And you won’t find a better man than Tony Dungy.

Cheers and Hail
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