Fantasy Thoughts Of The Week (that don’t include Audrina Patridge)


It’s playoff time in Fantasy Football land, and hopefully your team is in the playoffs. I’ve made the playoffs in all of my leagues, but I’m not feeling too confident. Bad decisions and bad trades have doomed the Fatpickles and the 22 Swinging Dicks.
This is the time of year where you have really great Sundays, or really shitty ones. I mean it really sucks if the team you root for and your fantasy team get knocked out of the playoffs on the same day. I sure hope that doesn’t happen, it’s a double whammy! And if you are a gambler and have a bad day on top of this, oh man! You’ll be in the dumps till Christmas. But I am forever an optimist and I hope everyone reading this is a winner come Sunday!
My Studs this week are all guys that were on my team, but I traded them away. I cannot believe how bad these trades have become (for me). I’m hoping by labeling them Studs they will actually become Duds this weekend!
Aaron Rodgers - I traded Rodgers for Jay Cutler several weeks ago. Cutler has been good, but Rodgers has been better.
Shaun Hill - I traded Shaun Hill for Brady Quinn. I wanted Quinn (a backup at the time) forgetting the fact that Hill was a starter for a Mike Martz’s Offense. Quinn is out for the year!
D’Angelo Williams - I traded Williams for Joseph Addai. At the time Williams was in a time share with Stewart, since the trade he is the #1 RB in Fantasy Football! Addai hasn’t done much and hurt himself again in practice this week, he’s questionable for Sunday!
Marques Colston - I traded Colston for Vincent Jackson. After drafting Colston in the 4th round, he missed 6 weeks with a broken finger. I traded him and he is now playing like a top tier WR. Oh yeah, I didn’t start Jackson Thursday Night! 5rec/148yds/59yd TD
Chad Johnson - I traded him for Derek Anderson. Johnson hasn’t done much, but Anderson immediately lost his job and when he regained it, he blew out his knee. He is out for the year.
Oh well, if I lose I’ll have more time to work on my sales technique!

Cheers and Hail
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