Fatpickle? Really?

So as my family, friends, and strangers visit this blog the question is “Fatpickle?” Who or what is Fatpickle? I’m going to try to explain in this post.First of all I’d like to continue to let the legend grow, but it doesn’t pertain to a part of my anatomy. No, if that was the case the blog would be titled Averagepickle (Rebecca this is where you post a message saying that I am being modest, and that I am HUGE!).

I had a friend named Brian in college that would always say “that’s fat like a pickle”. I enjoyed the saying and used it often. Somehow it got shortened to fatpickle, and one day I filled out an office pool and put Fatpickle down as my name. At the time, Porkboy46 (aka Fulltip) and I were roommates in Baltimore, working for this guy. I soon became “Uncle Pickle” to Porkboy’s wonderful daughter. From this point it snowballed. My fantasy football team is Fatpickles.

Fatpickle receives mail. He gets store catalogs, applications for credit, and has been a loyal subscriber to Sports Illustrated since the mid 90′s. Fatpickle also gets phone calls from telemarketers. Example phone call:


“Hello is this Mr……Pickle?”

“Uh, giggle..Mr. Pickle…giggle.. I am calling you today to tell you…blah, blah, blah”

Fatpickle has been around 13 years now, I’m not even sure if I am talking about myself in the 3rd person?
Maybe Fatpickle can be my Randall Stevens, start applying for those lines of credit. Get that nest egg together and Mrs. Pickle and I will head to Zihuatanejo. I understand Fatpickle is a man who knows how to get things.

Cheers and Hail!

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