Famous Redskin Fans

Here is a list of the top 5 famous Washington Redskins fans, and a few that were thought to be but are not. Do you know any more? Post in the comment section or email me.

Rumored Fan - Matthew Mccognahay- Actor
Confirmation…YES -
HUGE FAN. Interviewed on MTV wearing a #24 Redskins Champ Bailey uni. Interviewed on Barbara Walters special where they filmed his bedroom, which had a Skins helmet on the dresser. Seen at Redskin’s games including first game @ Fedex. Seen spitting dip directly onto stadium during first game.

Rumored Fan - Dale Earnhardt Jr - NASCAR Driver
Confirmation…YES - HUGE FAN. In the movie Dale, about his father, JR does his entire interview dressed from head to toe in Skins gear. Seen on the sidelines at games and training camp. Often checks on the score of the Skins game during races. Said he would give up everything he’s done in racing to be Chris Cooley for a year.

Rumored Fan - Sandra Bullock - Actress
Confirmation…YES Grew up in Arlington, Va and has been spotted at Redskin’s games (including the first game at Raljon with MM.)

Rumored Fan - Greg Garcia - Creator “Yes, Dear” “My Name Is Earl”
Confirmation…YES Grew up in Arlington, VA and attended Frostburg State. Frequently has characters in his TV shows wear Redskins paraphernalia. Attends at least 1 game a year and has been a guest in Dan Snyder’s private box.

Rumored Fan - Wanda Sykes - Actress/Comedian
Confirmation…YES Grew up in Gambrills, MD rooting for the Skins. And I thank Wanda for giving us this.

Rumored Fan - Gene Hackman - Actor
Confirmation…NO! I love Gene Hackman, in my opinion one of the greatest actors ever. He wore a Redskins jacket the entire movie Loose Cannons. He also portrayed the Joe Gibbs role in The Replacements, so I thought the rumors maybe true. Alas, after further review I found out Gene is a Cowboys fan!

Rumored Fan - Ron Jeremy - Legendary Porn Star

Confirmation…NO! I wanted this one to be true, but I could not find any proof to back it up. So, I got in touch with Ron’s people (yes, Ron has people.) The exact quote I received “He doesn’t care much about sports or follow them.”


Cheers and Hail

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