NFL Draft Wrap Up

Matthew Stafford got $42 million guaranteed! Tim Couch was #1 10 years ago, he got $12 million guaranteed. Recession?

Tom Condon is officially the best agent in the NFL, Mark Sanchez’s brother thanks you for making his job easier.

I don’t know about Day 1 only having 2 rounds. It would really suck if your team had no 1st or 2nd round pick…what’s to be excited about? And now if your a 3rd rounder your a “2nd day” pick? Being in the top 100 picks is an honor.

I thought the Bengals had a great draft. Smith was the top O-lineman in the draft. Maualuga was a steal in the 2nd, and Johnson and Coffman were steals in the 3rd.

Mangini will trade Braylon Edwards before the season starts.

The Cowboys had 12 picks, I’m jealous of none.

Packers had a great first round.

Congrats Heyward-Bey!

Note to Jeremy Maclin, no matter how good you are…Donovan Mcnabb will make you suck. Get some catcher’s gear and learn how to block balls in the turf.

I thought Jon Gruden was out in Tampa Bay? How else can you explain drafting a QB in round 1 when you already have 5 on your roster (2 being paid starter-type $$.)
Oh, I know why…Freeman and Morris listen to the same type of music and Morris was Freeman’s RA in college.

Finally, some Redskins thoughts…I couldn’t be happier with the Orakpo pick. I like the Williams free agent veteran minimum signing. Happy with Barnes choice. And after writing 4 weeks about not wanting Sanchez, I was mildly disappointed the Jets got him.

Draft weekend wouldn’t have been the same without the great coverage by Matt Terl, official blogger of the Skins, and Hogs Haven…who brought this behind the scenes coverage of the Skins 2nd round pick.

Cheers and Hail

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