10/4 Happy Bday Sam Huff

Happy birthday Sam Huff. Sam played 5 seasons for the Redskins from 1964-69’. He is one of the greatest linebackers in the history of the NFL and a member of the HOF. Sam is a true southern gentleman from a small coal-mining town in West Virginia, but on the football field he’d knock the snot out of you. Here are a few details about Sam’s career:

Tom Landry (the Giant’s D-coordinator in 1956) changed the Giants defense to a new innovative scheme called the 4-3, in order to play to Sam’s strengths. This defense is still used by most teams today.

In 1959 Sam became the first NFL player to appear on the cover of Time magazine.

The late Walter Cronkite aired a CBS news special entitled “The Violent World of Sam Huff.” Sam was wired for sound in games long before NFL films came along.

Vince Lombardi talked Sam out of retirement in order to return to the Skins in 69’ as a player-coach.

What I’m trying to say is if the biggest magazine in the U.S., the greatest newscaster ever and the greatest coach in the history of football all want a piece of you…you were one bas ass football player.

Sam is well known too today’s Redskins fans for his broadcasting role on Redskin’s radio…a post he has held since 1973. He’s entertained Skins fans for over 45 years and will be remembered forever…and he’s still entertaining us today! Happy 75th Mr. Huff.div>

Happy birthday Brian Kozlowski. Brian appeared in 32 games for the Redskins over 4 seasons from 2004-2007. Mostly a blocking H-back and TE in Gibbs offense he also served as a mentor to a young rookie named Chris Cooley. Brian is partly responsible for the “Captain Chaos” nickname given to Chris…he bet him $100 he wouldn’t introduce himself to the Rams as “Captain Chaos’ before a game in 2005, this was after a bacon eating contest. Despite being undrafted, Brian went on to play 14 seasons in the NFL. Happy 39th Mr. Kozlowski.

Happy birthday Mark Mclemore. Mark played 3 seasons for the Orioles from 1992-94. He revived what was a stalling career in Baltimore by becoming an everyday player who could play multiple positions. During his tenure for the Orioles Mark played 6 different positions. His best season came in 93’ when he drove in 72 and had 21 stolen bases. Overall Mark played 19 seasons in the bigs, he retired after the 2004 season…as the oldest player in the majors that season. Happy 45th Mr. Mclemore.

Cheers and Hail

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