Who’s # 1?…Good F’ing Question

That’s mine, no.. it’s mine, no I deserve it!
So by now you have read a thousand articles about how the BCS sucks and college football needs a playoff system, well here’s # 1,001. But first, let me ask this question…have you read an article saying the BCS is awesome and there is no need for a playoff? I’m sure the answer to that is no.
So if you and I and every other sane person knows we need a playoff, why isn’t it done?

We all know it comes down to money. The universities, the coaches, the host cities, and the networks are getting rich and none of them wants to give up the $$$$. Meanwhile, the student athletes are often deprived of playing for the one thing that means something to them, a National Title. So while Bob Stoops will walk away with a 6 figure bonus for having his team lose a fictional title game, all the players from Utah got was some D-list swag. Oh yeah, the Utah (Texas, USC) players also have a lifetime of asking themselves what could have been?

The college season started in August and finished in January, parts of six months. Yet we still don’t have a clear cut national champion. Every other college sport has a playoff system. Both Men’s and Women’s Basketball, Lacrosse, Volleyball, Baseball/Softball, everything. And not just Division I, Divisions II and III have playoffs.

Obama will have his hands full trying to fix the economy and world peace, but this is a simple fix. He’s already got his plan and like Chris Berman says here, “you can probably make that happen.”

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