JT: 1,000,000 vs. 7

How many years have we all been Redskins fans? 5? 10? 20? 50?! We’ve all got a different answer, and there are a million different answers. We’ve all sung “Hail to the Redskins!” at the top of our lungs at one time or another (and we’ve all shouted “Deadskins!” at the TV at one time or another as well…like this past weekend when the offense couldn’t move the ball!) and not once did we root for our team or shout our praise of them in ANY racial context. So why is it that SEVEN ignorant fools contend to brand us all racists and bigots simply for loving our team?

The name “Redskins” is offensive? Really?! Of all the things in all the world this they find offensive? What about the name “Sooners” (a term to describe settlers who landed in Oklahoma’s Indian reservations prior to President Cleveland’s approval…so basically its a term that refers to people as vagrants and squatters) or just the term “Indians” which is derived from the original European settlers believing they were in the Indies and just branding whatever people they found the people of that region without any regard to how they already identified themselves. ARGH!

And what about the logos? The Washington Redskins represent a proud and strong heratige with a commanding and proud logo. What about the Cleveland Indians baseball team? You’d be hard pressed to find such an offensive logo anywhere else in professional sports!

Racist Indian logo

I mean the guy in this logo is all but smoking a cigar, drinking “fire water” and saying “HOW!” So don’t feed me this B.S. about the Redskins being derogatory without listing EVERYTHING ELSE out there the same way. The Indians aren’t even a good team (historically speaking….I’m well aware that they’re far better than the O’s and have been for the past 12 years at least). Exhibit B (the respectful and proud logo):



In the end its just a game, and its just a name, so back off! Nobody is complaining about the Detroit Lions being an inflammatory name when clearly they’re more like kittens! Nobody is complaining about the Orioles being offensive when they’re clearly Pigeons! I have to put my faith in justice and hope for the proper turn out of this lawsuit. I could not imagine “Hailing” anything else but the Redskins….even if the offense stinks and they overpay a DT who can’t explode through double coverage fast enough.

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