9/9 Happy Bday Joe Theismann & Ron Mcdole

Happy birthday Joe Theismann. Joe played all 12 of his NFL seasons with the Redskins from 1974-1985. The best way I can describe the way Joe played QB is that he was a cross between Doug Flutie and Brett Favre. He could hurt you with arm and his legs (but not his foot, i.e. 1 yrd punt.) He was a fiery leader who played all-out and with as much heart as anyone who ever played the game. He was TOUGH, he was old school…the last of the single bar facemask QB’s! We’re all well aware of the horrific injury that cut short his career and forced him to walk away early from the game that he loved (please watch the Sports Machine YouTube at the bottom of the post about his drive to get back on the field after the injury.)

After a record breaking All-American career at Notre Dame (he was elected to the College HOF in 2003) Joe opted to play in the CFL rather than play for the Miami Dolphins or Minnesota Twins (he was drafted in baseball as well!) He joined the Redskins in 74’ because his thinking was the Skins had ageing QB’s (both Kilmer and Jurgensen were 10+ years older) and he’d have the opportunity to become a full time starter soon. That opportunity did not come until 1978, in the meantime Joe volunteered to return punts…how’s that for a team player?

Once Joe became the starter he held onto it for the rest of his career…8 years and 113 consecutive games. He became a 2 time Pro Bowler, NFC Offensive POY and the 1983 NFL MVP. Despite being retired for nearly 25 years, Joe still holds many all-time passing records for the Redskins including yards, completions and wins. We all know where Joe has been in retirement, talking a lot on your local and national football broadcasts…how can he not be on Twitter? He’s my favorite QB (I wish I could fill RFK for a serenade of Happy Bday for him …make up for the Dallas game) and it’s a landmark birthday, Happy 60th Mr. Theismann!

Happy birthday Ron Mcdole. Ron played 8 seasons for the Redskins from 1971-78. “The Dancing Bear” holds the NFL record for interceptions by a defensive lineman with 12! George Allen traded 2 draft picks to the Bills to bring Ron to DC and become both a defensive anchor and member of the “Over the Hill Gang.” Ron was selected to be one of the 70 Greatest Redskins. For his career he appeared in 240 games over 18 seasons! Ron is retired and lives in Front Royal, this is a great article about him. Happy 70th Mr. Mcdole!

2 things about the Theismann video.
1. It’s a little slow to download but completely worth it.
2. Is it me, or does the young Joe T. remind you of a young Joe Pesci, circa Easy Money? His NJ accent was more prevelant back in the day.

Cheers and Hail

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