Happy Bday Colt Brennan

Happy birthday Colt Brennan. What birthday present will Colt be unwrapping today? Possibly a pair of double D’s? Colt is entering his 2nd season with the Redskins and has developed a “colt” following of fans clamoring for him to be the starter. Colt holds over 30 Division I passing records and is the most prolific college passer of all time. Colt has also shown acting ability off the field. Already a legend in Hawaii, if Colt becomes the QB in D.C. (and all the fame that it brings) he might just star in a Cannonball Run remake and take over the world. Happy 26th Mr. Brennan.

photo via Matt Terl and The Redskins Blog

Happy birthday Alfred Fincher. Alfred is entering his second season as a backup linebacker and special teams player for the Redskins. Alfred has been sporting a Mohawk in training camp this year, causing a bit of attention. Happy 26th Mr. Fincher.

Cheers and Hail

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