BigDCoach, He’s Got A Lot On His Mind

Twitter has had it’s fair share of “fake” accounts. Most of the time they are in good nature and offer up loads of laughs. Normally the fake accounts last until someone complains to Twitter, resulting in the imposter’s account being removed. Tony Larussa went as far as to threaten a lawsuit over his fake account. My opinion is if the person squatting on the account is not too vulgar or negative and identifies him or herself as a “fake,” then let’s enjoy the entertainment.
Which leads me to the fake Wade Phillips. Somebodies doing a pretty comical job with him. Not too over the top and not too many tweets, but LOL when the @bigDcoach does have something to say. As a Redskin fan it’s fun to watch the spin that someone is putting on this old country bumpkin. I definitely recommend a follow.
Cheers and Hail
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