Redskins TC: Days 3&4 In Review

(photo courtesy of Tanner Cooley, thank you T)

Days 3 and 4 are in the books…and the veterans are at home sleeping in their own beds. WTF? This is training camp, they shouldn’t be allowed to go home to their wives or girlfriends! If Cooley’s hamstring hurts then Yoder should have to rub it, not Christy! That’s what training camps are all about. Anyway, here’s a look at the weekend practices:

I’m a believer that Devin Thomas is going to have a break out season, here’s more proof. (ESPN)

Collins is safe…Brennan or Daniel…gone? (Real Redskins)

Knock on wood, injuries minor so far. (Redskins Insider)

Witten bloopers and sweet photos from the Cooley’s. (The Cooley Zone)

The Redskins improved their punting and kicking problems with Hunter Smith? (Redskins Blog)

The best of Twitter days 3 & 4:

@ThatBoyPhil93 Rain but everyone came out healthy. Only thing that bothered me was the fan yelling make the offense practice longer. No need for that.

@1067thefandc Met Chris and Tanner Cooley’s Mom today. Very proud Mom. Tanner and I met too, I’m looking forward to hearing his show on Saturday nights!CR

@RickMaese Defense is 5-6 steps ahead of offense. 2 picks already in 11-on-11. Even 2nd string D pushing around 1st-team offense, esp O-line

@tannercooley Just heard someone say Yoder is the Todd Collins of tight ends

@devinthomas man its hot out there, i definately could have been in a gatorade commercial the way i was downing them…i think my sweat is orange?! lol

@hogshaven Fans are getting a little rowdy. There’s a guy wearing a cowboys hat sitting in a CLE browns chair

@SI_PeterKing Just finished a Jason Campbell story for the mag. Headed to Steeler camp for the p.m. practice. Ross Tucker hard at work. The guy toils. (can’t wait to see this)

@redskinsblog Campbell completes three straight in drills: Portis, Moss, Cooley. Need more of that from those four.

Cheers and Hail

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