10 For 80: Redskins PR Faux Pas Part II

Yesterday I wrote a post arguing the fact that Chris Cooley and Santana Moss should be included on the ballot for the “10 For 80” vote the Redskins currently have ongoing. I realized today that I may have overlooked another current Redskins player, London Fletcher. An argument can be made that Fletcher is one of the 80 greatest players that’s ever suited up for the burgundy and gold…and whomever’s arguing on London’s behalf is probably right.

Here’s where things get funny and where my point about the “10 season rule” is validated by none other than the Redskins themselves. I was on Facebook and saw a picture of Fletcher posted by the Redskins, advertising fans to vote for the “10 for 80” roster. So, the Redskins PR department is luring fans to vote for the “80” roster by using a player that’s not eligible for the team?! The Redskins are smart enough to know that London Fletcher will drive more traffic than Vernon Dean yet they’re too dumb to put Fletcher on the “80″ ballot?

“It’s All You” is the Redskins marketing campaign for their 80th Anniversary. The premise is it’s all about the fans…and how the fans get to choose the team. I implore the Redskins to let the fans choose the RIGHT players that deserve to be on this roster and we can’t do that if the Redskins won’t allow us to do so.

Who made this “10 For 80” ballot anyway…Vinny Cerrato?

Cheers and Hail

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