DeMarcus Ware’s Depends May Come In Handy On Thanksgiving

DeMarcus Ware is in a Depends commercial…I’ll give you minute to let that sink in. A 29 year old athlete in the prime of his career is in a commercial about a product that promotes shitting yourself.

I fully understand that the commercial is done for charity and that the proceeds are used in an effort to promote prostate cancer. I am in no way trying to make light of cancer or what people who are dealing with it go through. I, like everyone else, have lost a loved one to cancer…F&*K cancer.

That being said, when a Dallas Cowboy is talking about wearing an adult diaper…that’s a blog opportunity that I can’t pass up. Clay Matthews and Wes Welker also star in the commercial, they should put Depends in the gift bags they hand out at the Pro Bowl.

On a side note I sharted as I wrote this post.

Cheers and Hail

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