Roy Williams Interview

It’s not often we let a Cowboy into Redskins territory, but when said ex-Cowboy is a 5 time Pro Bowler, all around nice guy and a Counting Crows fan…exceptions must be made. Roy Williams is entering his 8th NFL season and his first as a Cincinnati Bengal. Reunited with his former defensive coordinator, Mike Zimmer, expect another Pro Bowl season from Roy. He won a national title with Oklahoma and was the defensive player of the year in 2001. Watch his highlights on YouTube, he is a total bad ass on the football field. You’ll also be able to watch him on this years edition of HBO’s Hard Knocks, where he has promised to lay the wood to Ocho Cinco. Finally, you can follow him on Twitter, @Datboyie.
Thank you Roy for the interview.

FP: After 7 seasons with the Dallas Cowboys you are now a Cincinnati Bengal. How are things going so far in Cincy and what are your expectations for this season?

RW: I enjoyed my years while playing with the Cowboys, now I’m in a new phase in my life that is starting with the Bengals and I’m very excited about the chance to link back up with coach Zimmer. My expectations is to add to this Defense they did an awesome job last year, and I want to add to what they did, get our defense in the top 6 this year.

FP: What’s your favorite moment on a football field?

RW: My favorite football moment, my first pick as a rookie against Peyton.

FP: What player or coach has had the biggest impact on your career?

RW: Coach Zimmer has had the biggest impact on my NFL career, he knows how to use me in this 4-3 defense.

FP: You played some QB in high school. Were you running the option or a drop back passer? How good were you?

RW: LOL yea I played QB in high school, I threw some but ran more LOLOLOL. Naw, I was ok. I took my team to state championship and I also played RB and WR.

FP: Did you play any other sports in High School? If so, were you good?

RW: Yea I played other sports, basketball my first year was to aggressive, didn’t work out. I ran track all my years there, and I played soccer, just for fun but the coach wouldn’t put me in cause they didn’t want me to get hurt. And I couldn’t get in until we were winning by 3 goals. I know it sucks so I road the pine!! LOL

FP: The “horse collar” rule is sometimes called the “Roy Williams” rule. Is that fair? Is it legal in your book…what’s your take?

RW: The horse collar is a rule and I have to play within the rules. Is it fair? I’ll just say this… I’m an old school player when it comes to football. I watch Jack Tatum, Ronnie Lott, Steve Atwater. And you’re always taught to bring him down by any means necessary.

FP: You’ve laid down some serious hits in your career, is there one that stands out the most? Maybe one that hurt you more than the other guy?

RW: Um the hardest hit that I felt…there was a hit in the Philly game some years back when I hit Brian Westbrook. After the hit I thought I was ok, but I started to walk to the sideline and I fell face first… LOL

FP: OK, a couple questions for the Redskin fan in me. What players on the Skins did you enjoy playing against/admire the most? Did you get a chance to befriend Sean Taylor before his death?

RW: Redskins…yes I had a chance to meet and talk with Sean at the Pro Bowl, we’ve seen the bad boy image, on the football field, but he was actually a good guy, family man. I liked Sean a lot, sad to see him go. I actually had a sticker with his number on my shoulder pads…I think it’s still on my shoulder pads.

FP: Week 2 of the 2005 season, the Cowboys are beating the Skins 13-0 with less than 4 minutes to go. Mark Brunell teams up with Santana Moss for 2 long bombs to win the game. What are your thoughts and comments looking back?

RW: As far as the Santana it’s so in the past, and I would say this, it wasn’t my man. I was playing the defense, how it was supposed to be played. And I caught the heat for it cause I was the safety, and people think it was my play to make and it wasn’t. And that’s the play people hold on to still to this day, saying I can’t cover…not cool, but its life.

FP: You are a man of great faith and seem to have an enormous amount of happiness, positive thinking and forgiveness in your heart. How do you strap on those pads and knock the s%*t out of people?

RW: Yes I’m a believer and I play football, God’s blessed me with the skill/talent to play ball. And I’m going to use my skills the best that I can to show out for God.

FP: Tell my readers about your charity.

RW: My foundation caters to help low-income single mothers. You can read up on it at

FP: Your very good friends with Adam Duritz from the Counting Crows, tell me about how that came to be.

RW: Adam and I met through a mutual friend that works at Cal Berkeley, like 6 or 7 years ago and we’ve been cool every since. Adam is a great guy.

FP: We are friends on Twitter, a place where lots of athletes and celebrities are interacting with fans. What attracted you to Twitter, what’s your favorite thing about Twitter?

RW: Yea I’m on Twitter. It’s cool to be able to talk to other people, friends and whatever the case, it’s a fast way to talk rather than pick up the phone, and others can chime in on what’s being said. I like Twitter. Sometimes people say some things that make me want to go off, but people have the right to say what they want even if it’s not something that someone wants to hear.

Cheers and Hail

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