Googling The Redskins

Searching Google for information is something I do several times a day in both my personal and professional life. Most of the research done for this blog is done via Google and sponsored by Bud Light. So, I had a little fun throwing some Redskins players and coaches into the google search engine to see how many results would be found. Oh yeah, I added the first words that came to my mind about each player or coach…some of the words aren’t found in normal searches. But, apparently others have similar thoughts as I do, as some of the searches returned some pretty big numbers.

FedEx Field empty 37,800,000

Danny Smith fire 3,830,000

Dan Snyder dick 1,890,000

London Fletcher tackles 1,510,000

Rex Grossman turnovers 1,480,000

Brandon Banks what up doe 1,220,000

Fred Davis weed 1,170,000

Ryan Kerrigan badass 941,00

DeAngelo Hall selfish 893,000

Jabar Gaffney package 870,000

Mike Shanahan teeth 434,000

Graham Gano blocked 311,000

Trent Williams lazy 268,000

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