For The First Time Since 1937 The Redskins Are .500

After 80 years the Redskins are 'Fifty-Fifty'

Life for a Redskins fan was certainly good in 1991, the Redskins had just won their 3rd Super Bowl in 10 years and they were a contender for the title every season. I was a high school senior and all I had ever known was that my team was one the best teams in the NFL year in and year out. I was spoiled.

Twenty seasons later, I’m certainly not spoiled…I’m a frustrated fan of a below average NFL team. Some people would dare to call the Redskins a laughing stock. One thing is for sure, this once proud franchise that is now 80 years old can be defined in one word…mediocre. With today’s 24-27 loss to the Cowboys, the Redskins are now an even .500 team over their history. 550 wins, 523 losses and 27 ties.

When Joe Gibbs retired after the 1992 season the Redskins were comfortably above .500, with the franchise sitting at 425 wins, 351 losses and 26 ties for a .529 winning percentage. Since then, the Redskins have won 125 games while losing 172 games and tying 1. Two solid decades of futility.

The Redskins haven’t been a .500 team or below since 1937! They’ve been able to stay above .500 for 74 years until today…by the end of the season the franchise will be a sub-.500 team…and I wonder why people have to ask me why I’m a Redskins fan.

It will get worse before it gets better, all I can tell all the diehard fans is ton hang in there.

Cheers and Hail

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