Joe Theismann Does A TV Show From His Hospital Bed


A lot of videos that I post on this site or view on YouTube I’ve seen before, I honestly have no recognition of ever viewing this one. This show was taped just 5 days after Joe Theismann suffered a career ending injury against the Giants on MNF. Watching this video I can’t help but notice the playful back and forth banter that Theismann and George Michael give each other…it works well and they would’ve been awesome in a ‘Pardon the Interuption’ type show. The lamp beside JT’s hospital bed definitely lets you know this video was taped in 1985. I think Joe borrowed his hospital gown from Mr. Miyagi.

More highlights from the show:

At the 2:45 mark JT calls Jay Schroeder, Jay Schroder…like Ricky Schroder.

At the 4:40 mark JT remarks that he’s surprised the knee didn’t give out before the leg broke. I never really thought about that, but yes…it could’ve been worse, I suppose.

At the 6:50 mark JT describes the injury and pain in detail.

At the 9:30 mark JT refers to himself in the 3rd person 4 times then breaks down and cries.

Good times.

Cheers and Hail

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