All-Time Worst Redskins Final Roster With Commentary By Danny Rouhier

The comments about each player and coach were provided by comedian and 106.7 radio personality Danny Rouhier. Thanks Danny.

The leader of our band of misfits...The Old Ball Coach!

Which Redskins players are the greatest to ever wear the burgundy and gold? That’s a very good question and one that comes up in bars, man-caves and tailgate parties on a regular basis throughout the DMV area. Many a friendly argument has been debated over a few cold beers as to exactly which players deserve to labeled as the best to ever suit up for the Redskins.

Which Redskins players are the worst to ever wear the burgundy and gold? That’s a question that may not be asked as much as who the greatest players are, yet it’s a topic that brings out just as much passion and strong opinions. It’s also a label I doubt any player who’s played the game aspires to have.

In a joint venture between and we decided to settle this argument once and for all. We’ve compiled a full roster for both the All-Time Greatest and All-Time Worst Redskins squads. Nominations were drafted and nearly 15,000 votes were compiled in our selection process. Each position had a minimum of 5 players to choose from and players from each era were recognized. The Redskins have been playing for 9 decades now, with over 1,300 different players appearing in regular season games. The following players are the All-Time Greatest and Worst.

All-Time Worst

Head Coach: Steve Spurrier – Hard to pick a winner here. Terry Robiskie told us all he was doing what Snyder wanted, Richie Petitbon was 4-12 and over matched, and the Zorn era was an absolute embarrassment for everyone involved. How about Mike Nixon back in the day? 4-18 record in 2 years. Or maybe Bill McPeak? Never finished .500 in 5 years with 1-12 & 3-11 seasons to his credit. But yeah… Spurrier stunk.


QB: Heath Schuler–Told myself if I ever saw him in person, I’d scream at him until I got dragged away. Saw him at a bar when he was Congressman Shuler… I didn’t do anything. Biggest regret of my life.

RB: TJ Duckett – The softest and easiest to tackle large RB in the history of anything.

RB: Larry Johnson– He didn’t get arrested once when he was here. So that’s a thing.

WR: Brandon Lloyd – If there was any justice, he’d be banned from football & write handwritten notes of apology to all of us with $5 in each envelope.

WR: Desmond Howard – Was he worse than Albert Connell who stole stuff from his teammates? Worse than Malcolm Kelly, Devin Thomas, or Taylor Jacobs? God we’ve had some bad receivers.

TE: Stephen Alexander - (write in vote) Not because he was a terrible player (decent career) it’s because of that year where he sprained his ankle and missed the entire season… he sprained his ankle AND MISSED THE ENTIRE SEASON.

OL: Andre Johnson – Possibly in the running for worst 1st round pick of all time.

OL: Stephen Heyer – How does someone so bad keep getting chances? He hated blocking.

OL: Chad Rinehart – Chazz Rhinehold wants the meatloaf.

OL: Shar Pourdanesh – I read so many articles about how good that guy was gonna be. I want my life back.

OL: Levi Jones – There have to be worse guys than this right? He was just some guy in the parking lot they threw a uniform on because of poor roster management. I don’t blame him for being Levi Jones. What about Brenden Stai or David Loverne? Larry Moore or Brad Badger? Whatever, I just threw up.


CB: Deion Sanders – dick.

CB: Tory Nixon – I blocked him out. Totally forgot about him until I saw this list. Thanks a lot.

S: Adam Archuleta – The worst thing ever. You know what the worst part was? EVERYONE knew it was a terrible idea before he came. No one went: ‘nice!’ F that guy forever.

S: Ifeanyi Ohalete – Worse than Stanley Richard or David Terrell? I also wanna say again how much Archuleta sucked.

LB: Jeremiah Trotter– Know why I hate him? He begged to go back to philly. Not cool.

LB: Michael Barrow – Did he ever play for us? I don’t think he did. This could be so many dudes.

LB: Warrick Holdman – no argument there

DE: Jason Taylor – I root for him to fail at everything.

DE: Mat Mendenhall – He got me a decent rate on a tractor. Nice guy.

DT: Albert Haynesworth – I’m not going to do a fat joke. I am going to say that he’s an awful person and is a perfect encapsulation of Dan Snyder’s ownership tenure.

DT: Dana Stubblefield – He was so good, I mean SO GOOD, at running over and touching a guy right after he was tackled to try and get that half tackle. An artist.

Special Teams

K: John Aveni – How can you choose 1? Where’s Max Zendejas or Suisham or the fat guy that kicked for 2 games during Spurrier, Tuthill?

P: Ed Bunn – I’m a Durant Brooksguy but I’m cool with this because Bunn was a 3rd rounder. Yuck.

KR: Desmond Howard – Superbowl TD… just not for the Redskins.

PR: Antwaan Randle EL– The Fair Catch: The Antwaan Randle El Story

Cheers and Hail

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