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Fatpickle’s note: Please welcome JT as a regular contributor to Fatpickled.

Hello, my name is Jason Anton and I am an Orioles fan, Redskins fan, Terps fan….and Miami Heat fan…and I am the newest contributor to the Fatpickled blog! Now before you notice my Miami Heat comment and ostracize me, cast me aside, and mail me the severed head of a random animal please hear me out and understand where I’m coming from.

I grew up in Ocean City, Maryland. A place familiar to many mid-Atlantic regionals as an easy vacation spot and middle ground for ‘Skins, Steelers, Eagles, 76er’s, Wizards, Phillies, and Orioles fans considering it’s pretty close to Philly, DC, and Baltimore (and for some reason there are Steelers fans in EVERY city on the planet…and they always come complete with their own bar of some kind. In OC it’s the Salty Dog Saloon). This alone gives me the right to be an Orioles fan and Redskins fan (the Heat justification will come) but that’s not all that ties me to these teams and vindicates my fandom! See I was born in 1983. Not only did the Redskins win the Super Bowl in ’83 (for the ’82 season) with a heroic performance from Riggins, but the Orioles won the World Series AND Cal Ripken Jr. won the AL MVP award that year.

Speaking of the ‘Skins ’82 season Super Bowl victory, I was there! Now I didn’t have great seats, and I couldn’t actually see the game because my eye sockets hadn’t fully developed yet, but I did eat the nachos…if you follow me. I was born in June. My parents got me a pin to commemorate my attendance that I still have.

Now, my geographic justification and my chronological justification should be enough to qualify me as a blogger on the subject of ‘Skins and O’s. I have been a fan, since birth, of both teams. One of my earliest memories is meeting Boog Powell and it inspired me to be a sub-par 1st baseman throughout my little league career until it was discovered that I threw a wicked side-armed fastball (and then I became a sub-par pitcher). Thanksgiving for my family has always consisted of 2 traditions outside of the food: 1-We watch the original Star Wars trilogy 2-We root for whomever isn’t the Cowboys in the Thanksgiving Day game no matter who it is. I am a diehard lifelong fan and that’s all I bring to the table.

I plan on delivering to you, the loyal Fatpickled RSS subscribers, my insights into all things O’s and ‘Skins. Everything from the great potential of the Orioles outfielders, to how comfortable my wife finds the sweatpants she bought off of Chris Cooley’s website. I don’t do “investigative reporting” because I’m not a fan of “facts.” It’s a lot easier to just make everything up and I think everyone will have a lot more fun that way…just kidding.

Alright this post is getting long so I’ll wrap up. I lived in Florida for a couple of years and that’s where I became a Heat fan. They won the Championship while I was down there and I got swept up in the fever of it all. Also, all anyone ever talks about in Florida is the Gators and ‘Nols. To which I could ever say is: FEAR THE TURTLE! and HAIL!

Here is a picture of my daughter in a LaRon Landry jersey:

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