RJ: Training Camp Day 28…Welcome Home Luncheon

Reggie Jones is posting his training camp journal on this site, please check back often to follow Reggie on his journey.

Is that a B&G dessert?

Woke up this morning and headed off to meetings.. After meetings we had a quick overview walk-thru, which left me with about 45 minutes to get home and get dressed to hop on the team bus for our Welcome home luncheon. Good thing for me I stay less than 3 minutes from the facility (=

When we arrived in D.C at the luncheon hall I noticed EVERYBODY on the team was CheckiN each others suit game out. lol Grown men walkiN around nit picking at each others clothing preferences. I have to admit I was involved too, I was fresh though, so I dodged all the bullets. lol Some people on the other hand needed some help.. lolcouple rooks went out and bought matching suits, one guy looked like Willy Wonka, seen a dude rockiN 2 watches. “where they do that at?” (ALL PARTY FOULS) LOL We gave out a trophy for the worst suit, and it just so happened to be the one who was talkiN the most trash. KAREEM!! I laughed so hard. He had to give a speech and all, and received a gift card to Nordstroms. lol
The luncheon was fun. I sat with an interesting group of fans. We had good conversation the entire time. Also the food was good. ESPECIALLY THE DESSERT. It was a sorbet of some sort. I learned a few things about the Redskins history that I didn’t know before.
Oh yeah, I was asked to model some suits at an event in the next coming months. (Of course I said yes) lol Also I was put on to some interesting restaurants. I’m lookiN forward to trying them out.

After the luncheon we checked into the hotel to get ready for tomorrows game. I took a GREAT NAP! then ate dinner, meetings, showered up, prayed, and hit the sheets.

Tomorrow is gonna be fun. I’m excited! This game is broadcast everywhere tomorrow. Finally my people back home can watch me play.
Once again startiN on special teams and backing up D.Hall… It’s time to make moves. LEHGO!

“The Beltway Brawl”

Goodnight world.. #DREAMINabout: “#SQUARES” I think and live outside of the box.. There’s a lot more room out here.. ~$HOWTIME

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