Mr. Romo Comes To Washington

I don’t know if wearing horizontal stripes makes you look fat, but it sure makes your tits look big!

Tony Romo visited Washington Redskins territory today, playing in a foursome with Tiger Woods at Tiger’s tourney. Thanks to the wonder of Twitter, I was able to get some juicy nuggets via @dcsportsbog and @redskinsblog.

From what I can gather, Redskin’s fans were pretty respectful of the game of golf and didn’t give Romo too hard of a time. A few boos and some trash talking including a Redskin fan telling Romo to “hit it like it’s December.” Word is that the biggest applause of the day was not for Tiger, but for Jason Campbell. Very, very nice!

Some folks were complaining that Tiger should have been playing with JC. Tiger didn’t play with JC for the same reasons Tiger wouldn’t play with me…JC and I are not very good golfers. Plus I’m sure he enjoyed sneaking a peak at Jessica’s fun bags all day.

And the best tweet of the day is this gem from Dan Steinberg “True story: Just found a random golf ball iin some rough. Romo must have fumbled it.”
(photo via Shutdown Corner)

Cheers and Hail

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