RJ: Training Camp Day 21

Reggie Jones is posting his training camp journal on this site, please check back often to follow Reggie on his journey.

Felt good to finally sleep at my own house. lol

Woke up this morniN feeliN good. I was excited to get into the Indianapolis game plan, rather than going against our own offensive plays.. It’s way more fun to prepare for another team and learn all their route concepts.
After practice I went and got a good lift in. Body’s feeliN strong.

After practice and weights Rak, Hightower, and I had to go to the eye Dr. to get our visors re-certified for this season. The receptionist were funny. They had their cameras out takiN pictures, and re-telling their experiences from last Fridays game. (= It’s always fun watching TRUE FOOTBALL FANS reactions when they realize who you are. We had a fun time in the office waiting for Doc. lol

After the eye appointment I headed back to the house. I’m convinced that people out here ENJOY STOP and go traffic. No accident or nothiN. Just someone in the front deciding to stop and go. NOT TO MENTION every exit is blocked off with highway cones and takes you on a detour route. VERY FRUSTRATING. LOL.

When I finally got home, Dash put his arms up, smiled, crawled over to me and climbed up my leg for me to pick him up. That made me happy.. We then watched a movie in the Man Cave while I iced down my Legs. We watched #MarsNeedsMoms… (=

We hop on the plane tomorrow headed to Indianapolis to play the Colts Friday..
I’m excited. I’m starting on all the Special Teams units and backing up D.Hall at corner.. Definitely worked my way up from the bottom, and my journey is far from over.

Goodnight World. #DREAMINabout: “#TREES” Even when they try to chop me down I still find other ways to impact the world… ~$HOWTIME

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