Replacement Players = Dumb Idea

I think it’s safe to say that everyone is frustrated with the lockout. By everyone I’m talking about the fans, media, players and owners. It seems as though it’s taking way too long to make this deal and every time a deal is close, another issue comes along and the process slows down again.

Yesterday the owners agreed to a proposal that was signed off on and handed over to the NFPLA for their approval which would finally bring football back into our lives. Initially fans were excited by this news until the players revealed that the owners had slipped a few things into the contract that the players had not agreed on…potentially killing the deal again. I totally agree with the players and understand their anger about this. I’ve only signed a few contracts in my life but I would never sign my name to any contract that included clauses I didn’t approve of during negotiations. I guess us normal folks can compare it too buying a house or a car, are you going to sign that contract if the dealer is delivering you a Ford Focus instead of the agreed upon BMW…I don’t think so.

Now, to the point of this post. Some folks on twitter last night were insinuating that the NFL could survive with the replacement players and that may be an avenue that the owners should consider. I laugh at the thought of this. The NFL is not the NFL without the very best players in the world. Sure, the names on the backs of the burgundy and gold have changed over the 30 years of me being a fan…but I have no interest in watching 53 inferior players running around in my favorite player’s jerseys. A player can retire due to age or injuries, a player can be cut for not performing…but an entire team cannot be replaced because the owners want to make a stand. I’ve already seen that one before, the 1987 scab teams were a horrible brand of football (despite the Redskins going 3-0).

I found this ABC News World Report from 1987 on YouTube. It validates in 2 minutes why replacement players do not work. A couple things to look for, check out the WR and his teammates from the 49ers at the :43 mark. They look like a 40+ softball team. Also, the Redskins own Neal Olkewicz pops up at the negotiating table at the 1:28 mark.

Returned tickets - who’s going to pay to watch these players?

Advertising boycotts- who’s going to pay to advertise during these games?

Network contract clauses - I’m sure networks have clauses to protect their billion dollar investments. They’re not paying all that money to air replacement games.

Business failings - who’s going to go to bars to watch these games? Who’s going to buy the Sunday Ticket? Who’s going to visit the Redskins Team Store?

Replacement players is not a dumb idea, it’s the dumbest idea ever.

Cheers and Hail

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