John Riggins Is Still Chopping Wood

Back in October 2009 John Riggins delivered several YouTube videos bashing the Redskins while sitting atop a pile of wood. Over a year and a half later Riggo is still splitting and piling massive amounts of wood with his bare hands. Witness these 2 photos that Riggo posted to his Facebook page yesterday.

Some observations of the above photos:

Riggo lives on the Potomac and appears to have a Dan Snyder type project going on with the clearing of trees off his property.

I haven’t seen that particular color blue on a pair of blue jeans since Bo Duke went hood sliding across the General Lee.

Riggins is in great shape for a guy who is 61 years old! I have no doubt that on a 4th and 1 or in a goal-line situation Riggo could still get us a TD or a 1st down.

That’s one of the largest piles of wood I’ve ever seen and Riggins stated on FB that he cut it all with an axe and hand tools, no chainsaws. And he did it wearing flip flops?

I can’t make out what type of beer Riggo was drinking…somebody please tell me.

Cheers and Hail

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