Favorite Sports Promotion: The O’s Floppy Hat

My favorite sports promotion of all-time is Orioles Floppy Hat night, which just happens to be tonight! If I was anywhere near Camden Yards, I would be heading over there to score this cherished memento. Tonights version is black (I prefer orange) because the O’s always wear black during Friday night home games.

These hats were great for fishing trips and just generally hanging out and drinking. I always circled Floppy Hat night on the schedule at the beginning of every year. I wish I still had my old ones, but they are all lost, stolen, or fell apart.

While other promotions may have more glamour or appeal, for my money the floppy hat will always be my favorite.

Apologies to bobble heads, player T’s, and all you can eat!

Oh, this seems like a good time to post the greatest 7th inning stretch song ever!Kick it John.

Cheers and Hail

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