Maybe Norv Turner Wasn’t So Bad After All

You're fired! I'm going to win 5 Super Bowls in the next decade, just wait and see!

Norv Turner. Say it out loud, Norv Turner. Just saying his name makes most Redskins fans want to shake their heads in shame and start a discussion about how bad he was…something Charger fans are currently doing on a regular basis. But, maybe it’s time we step back and ask ourselves…was Norv really that bad?

Well, the simple answer is probably yes. But, if you take a look at the numbers and the history of the Redskins in the 10 seasons since Norv’s departure, he’s actually looking like pretty damn good. Here’s some facts you need to consider:

Turner and Joe Gibbs are the only Redskins coaches to lead the team to the playoffs in the last 33 years. Turner and Gibbs are also the only coaches to have winning seasons during that time.

In Turner’s 6 full seasons the Redskins never scored less than 319 points. In the 10 seasons since, the Redskins have exceeded 319 pts just 2 times.

Turner led the Redskins to 3 winning seasons during his tenure, in the 10 seasons since the Redskins have just 2 winning seasons.

The Redskins have scored less points than their opponents in EVERY season under head coaches Marty Schottenheimer, Steve Spurrier, Jim Zorn and Mike Shanahan. Under Turner the Redskins scored more points than their opponent 4 times.

Norv is the only Redskins coach to lead the team to the NFC East title in the last 20 years!

Norv coached a journeyman (Brad Johnson) and a 7th round draft pick (Gus Frerotte) to Pro Bowl selections at the QB position during his time in DC. In the 10 years since Turner’s departure no Redskins QB has made the Pro Bowl.
This post is proof in point that we need the lock out to end ASAP. I’m reaching so much I’ve turned Norv Turner into Vince Lombardi!

Cheers and Hail

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