Brandon Branks is Definitely Scrappy

By this time we all know that Brandon Banks was stabbed outside a nightclub last Saturday morning. What we still don’t know is the severity of his injuries (they appear to be much worse than originally reported) or who started the altercation. It was originally reported that Banks came to the aid of a lifelong friend after the fight had already started, now reports are surfacing that Banks started the fight.

Here’s what I do know, Banks became a fan favorite last season by fearlessly returning kicks and running the wildcat against players nearly twice his size. Bank stands 5’7″ and weighs about 145lbs and has a reckless abandon while on the field…he also appears to not back down from an altercation, in fact it seems he likes to jump right into the fray. Below are 2 videos of a “fight” that occured between the Redskins and Eagle before last years Monday night game. What started as a little jawing among LaRon Landry and DeSean Jackson quickly escalated to pushing and shoving among the teams. Who was right in the middle right in front instigating and trying to mix it up, you guessed it Brandon Banks. Watch the videos below and you’ll see a bouncing #16 coming from out of nowhere and weaving his way past bigger lineman to put himself right up front.

In this first video below, you’ll see Banks fly into the picture at approx. the 9 second mark. He weaves around the bigger bodies and positions himself near the front.

In the second video a different angle shows Banks jumping up and down around the 10 second mark and further shows him being held back by some of the lineman on a couple separate occasions.

The videos don’t show any major issues on Banks part. However, one can gather from the videos that he wasn’t there to defuse the situation, he only appeared to try and further instigate things. It also shows that he is willing to have the backs of his fellow teammates (and friends) which is certainly admirable.

I hope for a speedy recovery for BB and I would like to say that he became a favorite of mine last season. Get well soon.

Cheers and Hail

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