Redskins/Eagles: Random Thoughts

I’ll never understand Clinton Portis, he makes a nice run on the 2nd offensive play of the game then raises his hand to come out of the game??? I guess that’s why he’s 2nd on the depth chart now.

Ryan Torain was impressive. He’s got that Eric Dickerson straight-up running style that I’m not a big fan of but he’s looked good so far. An added bonus…he seems to want to stay on the field instead of begging out of drives.

The pass by Donovan McNabb to Fred Davis was definitely off the mark but Davis has to catch that ball, he had nothing but open field in front of him.

How bad do the Redskins miss Trent Williams? Chris Cooley is having to stay in and help Stephon Heyer and Jammal Brown on 75% of the pass plays.

Why is Josh Bidwell on the team? We have a punter with a bad hip, that’s not good. 15 yard punts with the game hanging in the balance is not good. Bring back Hunter Smith, he was our offensive MVP last year.

The optimist says the Redskins should be 3-1. The pessimist says they should be 0-4 if not for a holding penalty and a dropped pass.

Donovan McNabb didn’t look good, passes landing at receivers feet and an ugly interception. That being said he made some big plays and found a way to win, that’s what makes him different from Jason Campbell. Statistically they may be similar, but as a leader (see video above) and as playmakers it’s not close.

What is up with our Wide Receivers? I’m unable to believe that Devin Thomas can’t contribute more that what we’re getting…give the kid a chance.

Love Brandon Banks on special teams, hate Brandon Banks as a goal line running back. Seriously, a 150lb wide receiver should not be your short yardage back. I’m sure he impressed the coaches last week while impersonating Michael Vick on the scout team and they decided to try it in the game. I’m all for giving him some offensive opportunities but this speedster needs some space to create plays.

Carlos Rodgers, really?

You know the defense played better when London Fletcher and Rocky McIntosh are you’re leading tacklers, not DeAngelo Hall and Laron Landry.

I love Lorenzo Alexander.

Cheers and Hail

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