Redskins/Bills: Random Thoughts…Winning is Like Better Than Losing

photo via Wapo

1. Impressed. Yes it’s preseason but winning and looking good is a lot better than losing 23-0 and looking horrible like the Skins looked in last years pre-season opener against the Ravens. The players were prepared and ready to play, and it showed on the field and on the scoreboard. Remember the 47-3 loss to Carolina 2 years ago in the pre-season? We all said it was preseason and it didn’t matter, but it kind of did.

2. After a slow start the starting defense looked good. I liked the way Adam Carriker played at defensive end and I like Laron Landry playing up to support the run, instead of 30 yards downfield where he struggles in coverage. I have serious questions about Andre Carter fitting in as a linebacker. I love the guy, but he can’t cover me let alone Boss, Celek or Witten. That could be a problem that gets exploited down the road.

3. Say what you want about Albert Haynesworth but his presence was felt immediately. In his first series the Bills had a false start and his Redskin teammates were enjoying clean shots at the QB. He is a difference maker when on the field.

4. FedEx field had energy, even for a pre-season game. The new scoreboards looked impressive and the crowd was pumped up. The Dallas game is going to be crazy and we should hold a tremendous home field advantage for that game, providing Skins fans don’t sell their tickets on Stub Hub to Cowboys fans.

5. I think that Chris Cooley and Fred Davis are riding on a gravy train with biscuit wheels. They have to love this offense and #5.

6. Trent Williams played very well and looks like the real deal.

7. I liked the way Ryan Torain and Keiland Williams played at running back. Torain is definitely on the team and I believe Williams is a keeper as well. Your 4th running back has got to be a special teams contributor and Williams fits that bill, Willie Parker does not.

8. I was happy with the play of the backup wide receivers. Roydell Williams looked good on special teams, had a nice catch and run and a couple of nice downfield blocks. Devin Thomas shrugged off an early drop and caught 3 balls including the nice TD. Anthony Armstrong made a great play on the TD. Malcolm Kelly needs to get healthy and on the field…fast.

9. Brandon Banks is freaking fast. Wow. No question he makes the team. Devin Thomas looked horrible at kick returner. If the Skins do sign Brian Westbrook, I’d like to see Westbrook returning kicks.

10. Remember Osaka.

11. I’m so glad we have Shanahan, Kyle Shanahan.

12. I know he’s only been here a week or two but John Beck looked horrible, I would have preferred to have seen how Colt Brennan would have performed in this offense.

Cheers and Hail

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