Kenny Powers Is Back Bitches!!

In response to this blog post from Kevin Kaduk, my answer is Fuck yes! Not to knock the Duk’s writing (because I enjoy it,) but how can you judge a show on 2.5 episodes? The reason he turned it off (character not developing depth) is the reason I started loving the show more with each episode. In fact after 1 episode, I was skeptical and even taken back a bit by the language. But, after a couple more episodes I was hooked.
There is no mincing words, Kenny Powers says and does all the wrong things. He has no couth, and says very few words that aren’t curse words. I love it.
If you’re on twitter you have to follow him for the juicy nuggets that he tweets daily. If you haven’t watched Eastbound & Down before, I would encourage you to catch the reruns or watch it on demand.
In the meantime here is a preview of the show if you’ve never seen it, or a fix for you if your a fan.

Cheers and Hail

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