My Thirty List

When I was 28 years old I sat down and wrote a list of 30 things I was going to do before I turned the age of 30. I didn’t do a very good job of crossing off my list. In fact, I’m now 34, and I still have quite a few things left to do. This list is kind of personal, but I thought by sharing it, some of you may have some ideas on how I can get these things accomplished. I broke down the list into separate categories. There is a twist to this story, please read thru to the bottom.

1. Study a 2nd Language - uhh, no

2. Study Boxing or a Martial Art - not even close

3. Learn to play the guitar - I don’t even own Guitar Hero
4. Save more $$ - ahh hha
5. Get a dog - no, I think I’ve actually gotten another cat

6. Get married - yes, I’m the luckiest man in the world

7. Get pregnant - yes, my greatest accomplishment (my son, not the act of getting pregnant, although I was pretty good that night)
8. Meet someone famous - yes, I’ve had beers w/ Cal Ripken and Locke from Lost
9. Build something - no, unless a beer pyramid counts
10. Captain a boat - no, man in the boat overboard
11. Ride a motorcycle - yes, not sure why this was on the list, did it many time before the list
12. Donate time to charity - yes and no, lots of money, not enough time
13. Watch a baseball game @ Wrigley or Fenway - No
14. Go deep sea fishing - yes, I didn’t know at the time that I was going to live on the Gulf of Mexico
15. Attend 1 of the following: World Series game, Super Bowl, HOF Induction, Final Four game - no, but the Super Bowl and maybe the World Series are here this year, I’m crossing my fingers for tickets
16. Visit NYC - no, how can this be?
17. Bench 200 - yes
18. Play in an organized baseball game - yes, it only cost me 4k
19. Shoot Less than 100 in golf - no, but I’m getting closer
20. Catch a citation fish - yes
21. Pass army fitness test - no, I haven’t tried to, and I’m not ready to
22. Quit dipping - yes, after 15 years I did
23. Cutout fried foods - no, in fact I’m eating more foods that shouldn’t be fried
24. Drink less - no, I forgot I even had a drinking problem 6 years ago
25. Ride a roller coaster - no, my fear of heights I haven’t conquered
26. Go to the Dentist - Yes!
27. Go to the Doctor - no

No wonder I cannot complete my list of 30 things. I am such a procrastinator, that I never even finished the list! And it took me almost 7 years to realize this!

So how about some help from you. I need 3 more things to do, 3 things to add to my list. I’d like to get these things wrapped up by the time I’m 38. That will allow me to put together my 40 list. So post your ideas in the comments section. I look forward to seeing them.
Cheers and Hail

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