Pitchers and Catchers Report

Those word’s are music to my ears. After the NFL season ends and before March Madness, sports can be a little boring. The Caps are playing awesome(that’s a bonus) but living in Florida, March means Spring Training.My goal this year is to attend as many games as possible, at as many different venues as possible. I will then report back here with grades on the venues, food, etc. Now the fact that I usually work 6 days and 70 hours a week will put a slight rain on the party, but I will persevere.

The good news is that Spring Training is starting a week early, due to the WBC. This means that I can squeeze a February game in, and I’ve already scored prime WBC tickets. The Phillies, Blue Jays, and Yankees are close by, so I’ll be reporting on them. Oh, here’s my report on the Yankees - A bunch of overpaid steroid abusers with asshole fans. Shitty stadium and overpriced tickets, food, and parking. Awesome, 1 post already down.
In other news the Orioles will be sending 37 Pitchers to camp….37? I hope they are bringing a lot of catchers also. Otherwise, Matt Wieters will be squatting more than me the day after a bacon explosion.
I’m excited for the games, cold beer, hot dogs, peanuts and cracker jacks. All in perfect weather in small venues where the crack of the bat sounds like a beautiful song. Play Ball!

Cheers and Hail

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