Big Play! WTF Do We Do Now?

photo via D.C. Sports Bog

photo via D.C. Sports Bog

Stripping Jim Zorn of his play calling duties was the right choice to make; his offense has been terrible to this point. The Redskins have played 5 of the 6 worst defenses in the NFL and have averaged 12 points a game against those opponents. The games have been plagued with bad play calling and I have the data to prove it. Once again, I’ve had to enlist the services of Fatpickle’s crack research staff to produce the stats, but I got them. For those of you that don’t know my research staff consist of two key individuals…Bud Light and Google…and they always step up and deliver.

To this point in the season the Redskins have had 12 plays of over 20 yards that did not result in a touchdown. These 12 plays set the Redskins up with 1st downs on the opponent’s side of the field. Those 12 possessions have resulted in 5 field goals and zero TD’s by the offense (the Skins did get a TD from the Hunter Smith fake FG.)

So to put this in a nutshell, every time the Redskins have had a big play, every time they should have had their opponents back on their heels, the Skins have failed. And sometimes miserably…remember the Randle El wide receiver option play (set the tone for the entire season.)

It went from bad to worse on Sunday. The Redskins had 3 such 20+ yard plays…and basically went 3 and out after. Here are the drives:

25 Yard Pass to Cooley
run, run, pass…punt

42 Yard Pass to Moss
pass, pass, pass…FG

78 Yard Run by Portis
pass, pass, pass…FG

The last 2 drives were 6 passes and ZERO runs…not a good recipe for success.

12 drives…Fake FG, Punt, turnover on downs, FG, FG, Punt, INT, turnover on downs, FG, FG, FG, punt.

I hope I’m not the only “extra set of eyes” that sees this.

Cheers and Hail

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