Random Thoughts

After 72 hours with no Internet access, my brain is going in too many different directions to compose a singular post. So, I’m gonna roll with bullet point random thoughts.

  • A-Rod. A couple more thoughts from his interview. Did he just lay out by the pool (pink cheeks?) until Martha Stewart was finished setting up the interview room? I think we need to put “the church lady” in front of the baby grand piano and let’s get some fresh cut flowers in here. And what’s up with the A-Rod GNC references? Is he getting an endorsement deal with them? “I’m not sure if I tested positive for the Hydroxycut I got from GNC, or the Muscle Milk I got from GNC, or maybe it was that NEEDLE FULL OF STEROIDS I JAMMED IN MY ASS?
  • Orioles 2nd basemen with AIDS. What are the chances that 2 different Orioles 2nd basemen would get AIDS? Pretty good I guess. Robbie Alomar reportedly has the virus. Alan Wiggins (who played for the O’s in the 80′s) died of the disease in 1991. The rumor always was that Robbie spits and Brady swallows. Oh yeah, Mary Pierce needs to get tested.
  • For Pete’s sake. Please, can we now make Pete Rose eligible for the Hall of Fame? We have 15 years of cheating players that will one day grace the Hall, let’s get Pete in there. Sure he gambled on his own team to win, but he had more hits than anyone in the history of the game! And he did it with no PEDS, only hair plugs and a parlay on the Reds and the over. He’s Charlie freakin Hustle!
  • Brett Favre retires. Who cares?
  • Bill Parcels has an “expanded escape clause.” This guy has never finished any job he’s ever started, and never saw a grass that wasn’t greener. So if you’ve signed him to a new contract with an opt-out where he can still collect 12 million, I’d have a Plan B in effect.
  • It’s not what you know it’s who you know. Jim Zorn has filled his 2 coaching openings with people with ties to him. Chip Garber coached with Zorn at the U of Minnesota, he’s your new D-quality control coach. Scott Wachenheim coached with Zorn @ Utah State, he’s your new TE coach. I was pulling for Bill Khayat, he makes a mean mix-tape.

Cheers and Hail

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