Fat Boy On A Diet…Don’t Even Try It

I can hear myself getting fatter.

If you’re like me, football season brings great excitement, lots of trash talking, a few tears, and a couple extra lb’s. Yes, a football game goes hand in hand with chicken wings, pizza, crock pots, and beers (it’s just not the same without them.) And if you’re like me, you promise to start a diet as soon as the season is over. Well, I’ve finally found a reason to watch the Pro Bowl, one more super-bad blowout meal!

Before I start a diet I always need to have the perfect day of eating and drinking the day before. And this my friends, is a fine line. Sometimes I eat too much, taking away from my drinking. Sometimes I drink too much, and forget too eat enough. We’re dealing with some serious shit here! So I have to repeat the same patterns day after day until I find some even ground.

Super Bowl Sunday should have been the day to end my Chris Farley like bender. Chili was the meal of the day so I went to the grocery store to gather my items. But, rib eyes were on sale at a price I could not pass up. So what did I have on my chili? Hot sauce, crackers, and STEAK!

So I’m thinking that if I cook these 2 meals that I found Super Bowl week, the meal will be so bad that it’s either going to kill me, or force me to diet no matter what. Ladies and gentlemen, your Pro Bowl menu.

(I’m pretty sure the bacon isn’t the only thing exploding!)

Twinkie Stadium

Keep me in your thoughts.

Cheers and Hail

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