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Why the Redskins Should Draft a Lineman, But of Course They Won’t

*Editor’s note: Some readers have pointed out that I missed Jeremy Jarmon. It was an oversight due to him being picked in the supplemental draft. He has 1/2 career sack, which still keeps the DE/DT’s behind the secondary as far as sacks are concerned over the last decade. I also totally missed Derrick Dockery as a 3rd rounder in 2003. He has started 112 career games in the NFL, which further proves the point that I was trying to make, we need to draft lineman in the top half of the draft.

More of this would be nice

The Redskins haven’t drafted a true DE before the 7th round during the Dan Snyder era (2000-2010). They‘ve also neglected to draft a DT before the 5th round, your list:

DE Jackson 7th rd 2008
DT Montgomery 5th 2005
DT Golston 6th 2005
DE Greg Scott 7th 2002 (who)
DT Monds 6th 2004
DT Cowsette 7th 2000

Some may consider Brian Orakpo to be a DE, he’s truly not. But even if you consider him a DE, I’ll call that a step in the right direction. Orakpo has earned 2 trips to the Pro Bowl in 2 years.

Want a stat that will blow your mind?? Consider this:

The above list of DE/DT’s drafted in the last 11 years have produced 11.5 sacks. The DB’s the Redskins have drafted during that time have 12.5 sacks! (Tryon, Horton, Landry, Doughty, Taylor & Lott)

The biggest reason for the Redskins struggles on offense for the last 3 years decade? Easily the play of the offensive line. No QB can play behind that offensive line. Well, when you draft 1, I repeat 1 offensive lineman before round 7 of the NFL draft (and he sucked) during a 9 year period (2001-2009), that’s what happens. Your list:

T Rhinehart 3rd 2008 – didn’t make it as a tackle, failed as G in 4 games
G Lefotu 7th 2006 – I think he had a heart attack in t-camp
T Molinaro 6th 2004
T Coleman 6th 2002
C Grau 7th 2002

We can thank Charley Casserly for laying Chris Samuels in our laps by giving us the 2nd and 3rd overall picks in 2000. Even Dan and Vinny couldn’t find away to F that one up. Again, I will consider the pick of Trent Williams in 2010 as a step in the right direction.

Ready for another stat that will blow your mind? Consider this:

The above list of all O-lineman drafted by the Redskins during that 9 year period totaled 4 starts. F-O-U-R! Chris Samuels (1st Rd 2000) and Jon Jansen (2nd Rd 1999) started 264 games for the Redskins!

One final stat, let’s compare the Redskins total amount of OL/DL’s drafted in the first 4 rounds of the draft from 2000-2010 vs. the 3 teams that have won multiple Super Bowls.

Patriots – 16
Steelers – 15
Colts – 10
Redskins – 3

I see that value…do you? More importantly do the Redskins?

Cheers and Hail

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Posted by fatpickle    Date: Monday, January 31, 2011

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Pro Bowl

Where's the Hawaii Tap Room?

Does anyone like or even give 2 shits about this game? It’s a meaningless game played by players who are in the middle of a nice vacation. The players are there to get a check and go thru the motions. The players play the game with little to no effort, going half speed and playing as if it’s a walk thru practice. In other words the players act like Albert Haynesworth in a regular season game. I’ve seen enough of that this year.

I do hope that Brian Orakpo, London Fletcher, DeAngelo Halland their friends/families that are with them have a fun vacation. See some sites, eat well, play a little golf and stay healthy. Malama pono.

Cheers and Hail

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Posted by fatpickle    Date: Tuesday, January 25, 2011

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JT: Monday is now the worst day of the week.

Skins fans used to be much happier

Skins fans used to be much happier

I know this is a shocker, but Monday has somehow turned out to the be the worst day of the week. For years we’ve all hated Tuesday, Thursday, and the dreaded Wednesday, but now we all have Monday to fear. This is mainly because Monday is now the day we all have to return to work, school, and social circles and undergo the brutal and ceaseless torment from our coworkers, classmates, and friends who are fans of teams other than the Redskins. Even Lions fans are talking smack. Its merciless.

To quote a longstanding rival of mine and Eagles fan, “Its not even fun to make fun of the Skins anymore. You guys can’t even talk shit back.”…..I don’t know if the losing is more painful, or having mercy granted on you by someone you told only 2 months prior that their team sucked and Haynesworth would grind McNabb’s bones to bake his bread. This is bad news bears.

As painful as Monday is turning out to be its not as painful as being at the games these days. So far I’ve made it to each home game and each time I’ve come home with a wicked hangover (that would happen anyway) and heartburn, or in this weekends instance I came home weeping.

So considering the tourment we’re all going through its hard for me to feel sorry for the players because we boo them at home, or because they lose, or because they “don’t know what’s going wrong”. Look: I go to the games, I cheer, I boo, and I will continue to do so regardless of the situation. I’ll take my ribbings from my friends and I’ll rub it in when they’re good again. We all do this because we’re fans. Booing or cheering doesn’t matter to me, what matters is that I’m there and I care.

I've never seen it so empty!

If my child sucks at piano I’ll tell her so, but I’ll still go to the recital and deal with the awkward “its OK” glances from other parents and kids. In the same way I’ll boo my favorite football team when they’re god awful, but I’ll be there for them anyway. To me there is no reason to sugar coat this thing. I take my lumps with pride. We Redskins fans demand better play from our team, but we don’t make excuses for them (unlike Ravens fans who always blame the refs for a loss). Yes they’re bad, but they’ll turn it around, and we’ll be here until the end.

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Posted by Jason Anton    Date: Monday, October 19, 2009

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Big Play! WTF Do We Do Now?

photo via D.C. Sports Bog

photo via D.C. Sports Bog

Stripping Jim Zorn of his play calling duties was the right choice to make; his offense has been terrible to this point. The Redskins have played 5 of the 6 worst defenses in the NFL and have averaged 12 points a game against those opponents. The games have been plagued with bad play calling and I have the data to prove it. Once again, I’ve had to enlist the services of Fatpickle’s crack research staff to produce the stats, but I got them. For those of you that don’t know my research staff consist of two key individuals…Bud Light and Google…and they always step up and deliver.

To this point in the season the Redskins have had 12 plays of over 20 yards that did not result in a touchdown. These 12 plays set the Redskins up with 1st downs on the opponent’s side of the field. Those 12 possessions have resulted in 5 field goals and zero TD’s by the offense (the Skins did get a TD from the Hunter Smith fake FG.)

So to put this in a nutshell, every time the Redskins have had a big play, every time they should have had their opponents back on their heels, the Skins have failed. And sometimes miserably…remember the Randle El wide receiver option play (set the tone for the entire season.)

It went from bad to worse on Sunday. The Redskins had 3 such 20+ yard plays…and basically went 3 and out after. Here are the drives:

25 Yard Pass to Cooley
run, run, pass…punt

42 Yard Pass to Moss
pass, pass, pass…FG

78 Yard Run by Portis
pass, pass, pass…FG

The last 2 drives were 6 passes and ZERO runs…not a good recipe for success.

12 drives…Fake FG, Punt, turnover on downs, FG, FG, Punt, INT, turnover on downs, FG, FG, FG, punt.

I hope I’m not the only “extra set of eyes” that sees this.

Cheers and Hail

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Posted by fatpickle    Date: Sunday, October 18, 2009

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Part Of The Solution

Earlier this week I started what was supposed to be a series of posts documenting the issues of the Redskins front office. I realize now that I was starting to become part of the problem, not the solution. Oh, believe me, I’ve got major issues with Dan and Vinny…and the next post I had planned was to focus on bad draft picks, free agent moves, etc. I mean I’m still pissed we are going to go into this game against KC with an offensive line that features a bunch of non-drafted guys and a guy who was out of football for three years. Everyone knew the O-line was an issue, it lacked depth and was getting old…but the front office ignored this. But, I’m not a journalist and it’s not my job to break down information that most of you Skins fans already know. What I am is a huge Redskin fan who happens to blog about them. It’s time to be a fan.

As fans, we can’t change the state of the Redskins. Wearing black to the game and not buying hotdogs is not going to change the product on the field. You paid your hard earned money for those tickets and I agree that your voice should be heard. But, when you attend a game at FedEx, you are going to that game because you want to see your team win! You want to sing “httr,” after they score. The players play hard, they may not have been put in the best position to win…but they want to win. CHEER them, don’t boo them. A win against KC followed by a win against the Eagles and the Skins are back in this thing. Is that what you want as fan? Or do you want to continue to bitch, moan and overall be miserable?

The Redskins season and the Redskins franchise are not dead…so don’t wear black to the game Sunday. I suggest something more attractive, like burgundy and gold. Treat yourself to $10 beer and cheer for the Skins. Be a part of the solution, not a part of the problem.

Cheers and Hail

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Posted by fatpickle    Date: Friday, October 16, 2009

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Dumb And Dumber

The hiring of Jim Zorn

Dan and Vinny were like a “monkey f’ing a football” during the entire process of hiring a head coach after Gibbs left. What should have been a swift and efficient process turned into a month long soap opera that ended in a…WTF? Here’s a look back at the decisions that brought Jim Zorn to the Redskins.

Ignoring Gibbs

After Gibbs decided to retire after the season, it was said that he (as well as many players) endorsed Gregg Williams for the head coaching position in a meeting with Dan. Of course Dan let that endorsement from the most influential figure in Redskins history go in 1 ear and out the other. But why would Dan listen to the old man? Well, one good reason would be that Dan was still paying Gibbs his 6 million a year as a “consultant.” Another great reason was the fact that Gibbs just led the Skins to the playoffs 2 out of the last 3 seasons…and knew the team better than anyone. Or maybe because Gibbs won 3 Super Bowls and has forgotten more about football than Dan will ever know. Of course Dan strung Williams along for 10 days or so before not only not hiring him, but giving him his walking papers as the D coordinator as well (although Williams would have never stayed, Dan still has to maintain the power.) Dan was wrong not to hire Gregg Williams as the head coach. Not because he was the right man for the job (I’m not sure that he was and not sure he would have been successful either,) but by not listening to a great football mind like Gibbs…something Dan refuses to do. FAIL #1

Promoting Vinny

The next step to finding a head coach was to take a moment and…promote Vinny to Executive VP/Football Operations. The Redskin’s official press release announced that Vinny “will assume responsibility for all aspects of the team’s football organization – including personnel, the team roster, scouting and salary cap management.” This is a great way to lure the “cream of the crop” of head coaches…let them know they’ve got to report to Vinny and defer to him on all personnel decisions. Now that’s got to sound attractive to a Cowher-type doesn’t it. FAIL#2

Meet your staff Coach

Next came the revealing of the “mystery candidate,” Jim Fassell. This would end up being the 2nd time that Dan left Fassell at the altar. Dan and Vinny strung him along while they were supposedly trying to assemble his coaching staff, which would feature Rex Ryan as D coordinator and Jim Zorn as the O coordinator. Ryan never had an interest in joining the Redskins in this capacity, but Zorn was hired as the O coordinator, based upon the fact that Dan and Vinny were “blown away” by his interview. Dan and Vinny then inked up Greg Blache as the D coordinator and now basically have an entire staff for their still unknown head coach. Just a quick recap, the incoming head coach now basically has his entire coaching staff already decided, and must defer all football decisions to Vinny. FAIL#3

Suit it up, Jim

Zorn was not a “hot commodity” for O coordinator positions around the NFL; he had never advanced past QB coach at any level in the NFL. He wasn’t the “young, sexy pick” to be a head coach in the NFL…that would have been Josh McDaniels, whom I believe the Skins never interviewed. Zorn was 54 years old and basically was only know for his “quirky” training methods. He had never called plays; he had never devised a game plan. He was never in charge of more than 3 players. But Dan and Vinny were blown away. And as the candidates began to dwindle…the job was now the equivalent of going out on a first date with a girl who’s 6 months pregnant…Dan and Vinny invited Zorn to interview for the head job. “Suit it up, Jim.” FAIL#4

The rest is now history. Zorn was named HC, OC and QB coach. Severely over his head…and he hasn’t been able to get his head back above water. I’m afraid that he’s close to no longer being able to tread water…and that’s where the Skins are at this point.

Next post will focus on personnel decisions.

Cheers and Hail

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